How's a career in UX design

User Experience Designer

How do I become a user experience designer?

also known as UX Designer

As a User Experience Designer (UX Designer) you design the journey that users go through with an online service such as Amazon, Uber or Netflix. You decide where the “Buy now” button is placed, which fonts are used for the corresponding products and much more. Your goal is to enable a pleasant use of the website / app, because only if the users find their way around quickly and easily and like to use the offer, they recommend it to others. With your work, you determine the overall impression users get of the brand, the product and the company. You use different methods to empathize with the users. In a second step, you try to create an optimal user experience. You will work closely with your colleagues (programmer, visual designer, project manager). Together you deal with the design and improvement of an online product or online service. If you enjoy working in teams, want to combine your psychological interests with your own creative ideas and enjoy being around people who think in terms of products and business models, the UX designer is the right job for you.


Required degrees

Graphic design

Recommended training

University / technical college

Starting salary as a user experience designer

€ 2.700 – 3.400

Working as a user experience designer

Important skills as a user experience designer

As a UX designer you can combine different skills. Your job is to understand the behavior of website / app users. You use different techniques and methods for this. An analytical understanding and interest in psychological processes will help you. In the next step, you think about how you can improve the corresponding (online) product. Creativity, a basic aesthetic sense and creative talent are particularly important for this. You should also have a strong technological understanding and enthusiasm for new trends in the media, design and tech world. In order to stay up to date, curiosity and willingness to learn are important basic requirements. Even if you don't program yourself, you still need to know whether your ideas can be implemented and whether the concepts can be explained to your colleagues in an understandable way. As a UX designer, you are the interface between programmers and web designers. In some companies you take on these tasks yourself. You shouldn't mind speaking in front of people. In presentations you justify your concepts and convince critical customers, colleagues and your boss of them.

Important hard skills

Graphic design and layout User Experience Design (UX)

Important soft skills

Ability to work in a team

How do I become a user experience designer?

Even if the profession of UX designer is still relatively "young", there are already numerous opportunities to be trained in this direction. A design-related course offers a good theoretical basis, but is not absolutely necessary. You can also work as a UX designer with a degree in computer science. Or you do an apprenticeship / training in the field of digital media and digital design. There are various opportunities for committed career changers to gain a foothold on the job market as a UX designer through courses and (online) courses.

Germany, Austria:

  • Bachelor's and Master's degree: graphic design, computer science, psychology
  • At universities and technical colleges
  • Specific courses: e.g. User experience management / design
  • Teaching / training: media design, computer science
  • Corresponding further training

Advanced training and specializations

In training courses, courses and further education you can specifically learn individual skills, because as a UX designer you are constantly faced with new challenges in your professional life. A prerequisite for success in this profession is to always stay up to date with the latest technical developments and to continuously supplement and deepen your specialist knowledge. You can also acquire key qualifications as part of a trainee program or teach them yourself using an online course.

  • Specific master’s courses on Interaction Design / User Interface
  • Trainee program and online courses: e.g. mobile app development
  • Independent acquisition of new methods

Future prospects as a user experience designer

UX designers are wanted everywhere. This will not change in the future either, because new digital offers are being developed every day. Many exciting jobs have been created in recent years, especially in the field of digital product development. More and more companies are offering online services (online banking, online shopping, etc.). So you can count on a good salary and numerous opportunities for advancement. As a UX designer you will work at modern computer workstations in a team with programmers, visual designers and project managers. This profession offers you the opportunity to work in many different industries and to constantly develop yourself, because nowadays every company, no matter how small, has a website. But you can also become self-employed and advise companies or work as a freelancer. If you can communicate well in English, you also have the opportunity to work in other countries, because UX designers are wanted everywhere.