Are croissants healthy?

Croissant, camembert, beer | Nasty fat bombs and their "easy" competition

Burger, French fries, chips and cream cakes are angry, Lettuce and vegetables are Well - simple nutrition rules that every child knows. But unfortunately it is usually the case that the right fat bombs taste particularly good. Fortunately, there is an alternative to everything.

Because every nasty calorie bomb also has easyCompetitor!

For example, if you can't live without spinach, you can get the extra hip gold from the creamy one Blubb can do without it, he should simply cook spinach leaves. In this way he saves three percent fat!

And instead of Camembert (10 percent fat), the Harz cheese is ideal - it only has one percent fat!

At, nutritionist Annett Rudnyk and Sebastian Weber, nutrition coach of the health portal, present ten nasty fat bombs and the respective alternatives.

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