What is the secret to success and success

Fixate on success and you'll be successful - is it really that simple?

Every definition of success is individual. One person wants to get rich, another just wants to be happy and a third person wants to save the whole world. But regardless of your goals, the way there always seems to be the same. On Entrepreneur, Deep Patel took a closer look at successful entrepreneurs and millionaires and came to an astonishing result: They all have ten things in common that have made them successful. Strictly speaking, they have fixed themselves on this - and if you follow this example, you too can make your goals and thus your individual definition of success a reality.

The ten “obsessions” of successful people

Of course, success or failure is always a question of luck or bad luck. However, you have most of these in your own hands. Success is a way of life and includes fixation on the following ten aspects:

1. Goals

First and foremost, successful people focus on success. Her secret is that simple. They always have their goals in mind and live exclusively for these dreams. Only those who know their goal can also go the way there. So first ask yourself what you want to achieve and then find the answer to how. It is important that these goals awaken a passion in you. Only then will you find the necessary intrinsic motivation to then put it into practice despite all obstacles.

Man lives through passions, but only exists through reason.
- Nicolas Chamfort

Otherwise you have to look for new goals and redefine success for yourself.

2. dreams

But how do you find these goals? It's simple: Successful people take the freedom to let their minds wander. They specifically look for phases of relaxation in which they indulge their thoughts without consciously controlling them. Many millionaires or successful entrepreneurs even practice meditation, yoga, or autogenic training. You understand how important breaks are. During these breaks, the most valuable ideas and inspiring dreams will come to you. You will make plans, develop strategies to overcome obstacles, and visualize your goals. Fixate on these dreams and success will come!

3. Performance

Of course, success does not come from dreaming alone. Instead, you have to work hard afterwards to achieve your goals. This willingness is what ultimately distinguishes the successful from the less successful people. Performance, discipline and determination are character traits that ensure success or failure in many areas of life - and which you either have or not. Make them your own and you will be successful. Incidentally, this runs through all areas of life. Those who work hard for their success at work usually do the same in the gym. Because successful people have understood that body and mind are inextricably linked and must be equally healthy.

4. Progress

Success doesn't come overnight. It is made up of many small advances. Successful personalities fixate themselves on precisely this progress. You are never satisfied with the status quo, but always want to take the next step forward. At the same time, however, they also recognize small successes and use them as motivation when they stagnate or even have to accept a step backwards. So focus on your successes and progress. Challenge yourself every day and always strive for the next milestone - even if you only move forward in tiny steps. And most importantly, never let setbacks intimidate you. Dust the dust off your shoulders and make your way forward again towards your goals. Sometimes it is precisely the defeats from which you draw the most important lessons or which force you to innovate that ultimately leads you to success.

5. Learning

However, progress does not only affect the outside, but also the inside. Successful people are constantly developing as a personality. They expand their knowledge, improve their skills and work hard on themselves. They want to get a little better every day - in one way or another. Continuous learning is essential in our complex and fast-paced world in order to become and above all to remain successful. So develop a curiosity for new things. Ask questions, sink into books or find new solutions to familiar problems. Use every chance to learn and learn with joy. This obsession will ultimately make you better than the competition.

6. Strengths

In this improvement process, successful people focus primarily on their strengths. Compensating for weaknesses can be useful and important - but on the way to success you need a unique selling proposition and this is hidden in your strengths. Get better and better in one of your passions. Until you are the best. Find your personal "super power", then success will not be long in coming!

7. Diversification

It is also interesting that millionaires, entrepreneurs & Co. never only rely on one horse. Even if the company is doing well or the bank account is already full, they are always looking for new ways to generate an income. You might found a second or third company, invest in securities and join startups as investors. Because they know that any idea can be both successful and fail. The more you spread the risk, the higher your chances of success and the lower the damage if it should go wrong at one point or another.

8. Criticism

Learning from mistakes is therefore another secret of success. Defeat and criticism are important instruments for personal and professional development. Successful people therefore avoid standing still. They seek feedback at every opportunity and see criticism as an opportunity, not a setback. Learn from other people, from mistakes, failures and mistakes. Since your own view of things is always distorted, use criticism and feedback from your social environment as an opportunity for further development on your way to success. Know how to love criticism instead of hating it.

9. Support

However, your social environment is not only there for the purposes of criticism. Instead, successful people carefully build social backing that catches them in difficult times. Make sure that you surround yourself with positive people who fully support you on the way to your goals, who are honest with you and who challenge you to a healthy degree. Entrepreneurs attach great importance to employees who passionately pursue common goals and work as a team. You are specifically looking for visionaries, lateral thinkers and people with a different perspective than your own. Innovation can only arise through heterogeneity. All in all, however, you should simply surround yourself with “good” people, both professionally and privately - humor, passion, friendliness, fairness and tolerance are just a few exemplary character traits.

10. Expectations

As mentioned earlier, these people should challenge you to a healthy degree. Day after day. “Self-made millionaires” & Co. fixate on their own expectations as well as those of their social environment. You don't just want to meet them, you want to exceed them. You always do a little more and always set the bar a little higher. This obsession with trumping expectations is what ultimately sets you apart from the crowd and makes you more successful than the average.

What other recipes for success do you know? In your experience, what makes a successful person different from the crowd?

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