Is anal orgasm real

Anal orgasm: how does it work?

When it's time for something new in bed, many couples flirt with it, once Anal sex to try out. After all, according to a survey by the online edition of "Deutsches Ă„rzteblatt", 17 percent of Women made their experiences with it. But women in particular often ask themselves the question: Can I really get an orgasm during anal sex? The answer is clear: yes!

How this works and what you should look out for during anal sex, we show you in the video above.

Anal sex: what is it actually?

In contrast to vaginal sex, anal sex does not place the penis in the vagina, but in the nach introduced. Since many nerve endings come together here, the passive part perceives sex as very much intensive. But the experience is also particularly exciting for the active part, because the intestinal opening is usually narrower than the vagina. This increases friction and pressure on the penis.

That the orgasm can be more intense on both sides is of course one thing pleasant Accompanying phenomenon.

Psychological component

Of course, anal sex also gets its attraction because it is particularly dirty and almost immoral applies. The anus is a taboo zone, which is exactly what makes it so attractive for some.

Anal orgasm: does it really exist?

It is entirely possible for women to get through anal penetration orgasm get. On the one hand, women experience an anal orgasm when the G-spot of the vagina is indirectly stimulated. Anal intercourse also allows the deepest part of the vagina to be stimulated "from the other side". This ensures particularly intense highlights.

Two is Better

If this stimulation isn't enough for you to climax, you can too clitoris to include. This double caress can significantly increase your arousal.

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