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New quality ranking : German news portals: Tagesspiegel.de in fourth place

Topicality, relevance, correctness, comprehensibility, diversity, completeness and impartiality - these are the criteria according to which the media scientist Christian M. Wellbrock from the University of Hamburg created the “Quality Ranking of German Newspapers” in a large-scale study - and also at the same time Online portals included.

56 media experts participated in the survey, including media award jurors, academics, senior editors and heads of journalism schools. They rated the journalistic quality of regional and national newspapers as well as internet news portals on a scale from 1 (poor journalistic quality) to 10 (highest possible journalistic quality).

In terms of online portals, Spiegel Online (8.45) leads the way. This is followed by Tagesschau.de (8.37) and Welt Online (8.25). Tagesspiegel.de (8.14) is in fourth place ahead of Zeit Online (8.03).

In the national print titles, however, Zeit (8.38) takes first place, just ahead of the Süddeutsche Zeitung (8.35) and the Frankfurter Allgemeine (8.26). The Tagesspiegel took the top spot in the "Regional Newspapers" category. There he achieved the grade 8.0 ahead of the Hannoversche Allgemeine (7.79) and the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (7.67).

The study also compared the printed newspapers in German metropolitan regions. In Berlin, the Tagesspiegel is followed by the Berliner Zeitung (7.26), the Taz (6.81), the Berliner Morgenpost (5.88), the BZ (5.0) and the Berliner Kurier (4.31) and New Germany with a rating of 3.79.

While quality rankings of this kind are not uncommon in American journalism, according to Wellbrock the study is the first attempt at a comprehensive quality comparison in Germany. The media researcher sees the quality rankings as an opportunity to demonstrate the value of journalistic quality. This is necessary because the financing of this quality is difficult because it is difficult to recognize due to information asymmetries, as Wellbrock writes in the accompanying word to the study in the journal "MedienWirtschaft - Zeitschrift für Medienmanagement und Kommunikationökonomie".

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