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TikTok wants injunction against download stop in the US

According to a decision by the US government, TikTok should disappear from Apple and Google app stores in the US last Monday. After US President Donald Trump approved a deal between TikTok and the US companies Oracle and Walmart at the weekend, the deadline was extended by a week. So far, no final agreement has been reached - and there are also contradicting statements about who will hold the majority in TikTok's global business.

Trump had stressed that US investors would get control of TikTok. However, reports from the software company Oracle and the supermarket giant Walmart show that they will only hold 20 percent of the new company TikTok Global. According to media reports, the previous owner, the Chinese company Bytedance, will keep the remaining 80 percent. Washington argues, however, that one can speak of a US control, because American venture investors held 40 percent of Bytedance.

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New company in Texas

Trump approves TikTok deal

The US president has been putting the Tiktok video app under pressure for weeks, but now it is allowed to stay in the US market. The deal presented by Trump: Tiktok's global business moves to the US - and the company pays five billion dollars into an education fund in Texas.

Trump described TikTok as a security risk because Chinese authorities could use the app to get data from Americans. With two orders, he laid the basis for the end of the app in the USA. TikTok and Bytedance countered in vain that data from US users was stored in the USA and not going to China.dpa