Donald Trump becomes a Christian

Trump is "non-denominational Christian"

US President Donald Trump announced in an interview that he now describes himself as a non-denominational Christian. In an interview with the Religion News Service, he said, "Although I was confirmed as a child of a Presbyterian church, I now consider myself a non-denominational Christian." Four years ago, Trump said he was proud to be Presbyterian.

In the written interview, Trump also gave information about his corona disease. During this time he felt "the prayers of Americans from all over the country - and even from all over the world". He described his speedy recovery as a "miracle of heaven". He be grateful to God for that.

Trump also found words of praise for his evangelical advisors. “These people love the United States and have a sincere desire to work together to improve the situation of all Americans. I appreciate their prayers and am encouraged by their great faith. ”The President was impressed by the willingness of evangelical pastors to reopen the churches despite the pandemic:“ Fortunately, many large churches are now open again and make personal meetings possible Trump did not enter the corona outbreaks in several churches. While the churches were closed, he, like millions of other Americans, attended several virtual church services.

In the interview on Monday, Trump stressed that he would continue to campaign for Christians who were persecuted around the world. He listed what he had already done for religious freedom. On his initiative, countries like Cuba or Venezuela were sanctioned for lack of religious freedom. Trump also promised that under his presidency the US would always stand for religious freedom. Trump did not respond to the accusation that he would favor evangelicals over other faith communities. He also ignored the question about statements from 2017. At that time, Trump promised to give preference to Christians from Syria.

From: Martin Schlorke