How do I get free pokeballs

8 ways to get balls in Pokémon Go for free

Are you constantly short of balls in Pokémon Go and can't catch any more Pokémon? Here are 8 ways you can get balls for free in Pokémon Go.

Before we get started with the possibilities for getting balls, a quick overview of which Pokéballs are currently available in Pokémon Go:

  • Poké Ball: The normal and well-known red and white ball that you often get at the beginning and is good enough for catching Pokémon at a low level.
  • Superball: From trainer level 12, there are also Super Balls for a level-up and at PokéStops (these are the blue and white ones with the two red stripes). These balls are more effective than the normal Pokéballs and you have a better chance of catching stronger Pokémon.
  • Hyperball: From trainer level 20 you will occasionally receive hyperballs (these are the white-black-yellow balls) at PokéStops and by completing quests. This is the Poké Ball with the highest probability of being caught.
  • Master Ball: You hear about the Master Ball again and again because it is available in other Pokémon games, but until now it has not been implemented in Pokémon Go (however, references to it in the game files were discovered at times). This ball is guaranteed to catch a Pokémon.

1. Turn PokéStops

Spin as many PokéStops as possible. Of course, routes where you pass many stops or places where you can shoot several at once are ideal here.

For example, I have a place where I can graze 3 PokéStops and an arena at the same time without having to run too long. Wait 5 minutes and the whole thing can start all over again. A lot of balls and items come together in a relatively short time.

2. Rotate arenas

Similar to PokéStops, you can also rotate the photo disc of arenas. To do this, you have to select an arena, then click on the "rotate symbol" at the bottom right and then you can rotate the photo disc of the respective arena like a PokéStop.

3. Open gifts from friends

Regularly exchanges gifts with friends, because even in gifts there can (but don't have to) be Pokéballs ... not an immense number of them, but small animals also make crap. 😉 Otherwise, there can also be stardust, revitalizers and other items about the gifts.

4. Weekly Adventure Sync Rewards

Every week you can get AdventureSync rewards if you have cracked a certain milestone (5km, 25km, 50km).

For just 5km, which is quite easy to do, you get 20 Pokéballs. For 25km there are 20 pokéballs and 10 superballs and for 50km / 100km there are 20 pokéballs, 10 superballs and 5 hyperballs.

5. Level up your trainer

Each time your trainer levels up, you will also receive a certain number of balls. Up to and including level 11 normal Pokéballs, up to and including level 19 super balls and from level 20 until the end then hyperballs.

6. Complete special research tasks

Pokémon Go has special research that involves completing a series of tasks to end up with a rare Pokémon.

But completing the individual tasks is also worthwhile, because there are always experience points and various items to be won as well as balls.

As an example, I am listing the special research “More about Meltan”, which consists of 9 task steps: In step 1/9 you get 10 Pokéballs, in step 3/9 there are 10 superballs, in step 5/9 you receive 20 superballs and in step 6/9 and 7/9 you can get 10 hyperballs each

7. Complete field research

It is also possible to get balls through field research, which you can pick up at PokéStops. Here is a list of field research tasks where there is a chance that you will receive balls as a reward (but other items are also possible). You can see what rewards you will receive directly in the overview of your current field research.

  • Use 5 berries when catching Pokémon - 5x Superball possible
  • Catch 10 Pokémon - 5x Poké Ball possible
  • Catch 5 Pokémon with weather reinforcement - 5x Poké Ball possible
  • Catch 10 Pokémon with weather reinforcement - 5x Superball possible
  • Catch a Dragon-type Pokémon - 10x Hyperball possible
  • Catch 10 Norma-type Pokémon. - 5x superball possible
  • Catch a Ditto - 10x hyperball possible
  • Land 5 curveball throws in a row - 5x Superball possible
  • Land 5 good throws - 5x Poké Ball possible
  • Land 3 good throws in a row - 5x Superball or 2x Hyperball possible
  • Land 2 good curveball throws in a row - 5x Pokéball possible
  • Land 3 great throws - 5x Poké Ball possible
  • Land 3 great throws in a row - 10x Pokéball or 5x Hyperball possible
  • Land 3 great Curveball throws in a row - 10x Pokéball or 5x Hyperball possible
  • Land 3 great Cuverball throws in a row - 10x Hyperball possible
  • Land a fabulous throw - 5x Superball or 2x Hyperball possible
  • Spin 10 PokéStops or arenas - 5x Poké Ball possible
  • Hatch an egg - 5x Poké Ball possible
  • Incubate 3 eggs - 10x Pokéball or 5x Hyperball possible

8. Buy Poké Balls for Poké Coins

Last but not least, you can of course also buy Poké Balls in the in-game shop. The current pricing looks like this:

  • 20 Poké Balls - 100 Poké Coins
  • 100 Poké Balls - 460 Poké Coins
  • 200 Poké Balls - 800 Poké Coins

You can buy Pokécoins as a package for real money (100 coins are available for € 0.99, for example) or EARN by storing Pokémon in arenas!

There is 1 coin for every 10 minutes your Pokémon is in an arena. However, there is a limit: you can only get a maximum of 50 Pokécoins per day. You can see your current coin balance when you visit the shop. Important: You will receive the Pokécoins each time one of your Pokémon returns from an arena.

If I've forgotten a way to get balls for free in Pokémon Go, please let me know in the comments! 🙂