Is it okay to eat fruit seeds

Are seeds in melons and other fruits good to eat?

The accepted answer is that seeds that are not normally sold in stores, have no food, are bitter or poisonous. This is wrong.

Watermelon, melon, apple, peach, apricot, etc. Seeds are full of nutrients; even more than most seeds sold commercially.

Watermelon seeds are one of my top favorites and are full of vital compounds, including zinc. They are crispy and have a nutty taste. They are delicious!

Cantaloupe seeds have been eaten by other cultures for years, and studies show they are full of good things too.

Bitter apricot seeds are also said to be poisonous because they contain hydrogen cyanide. While it is, it is such a small dose that it takes 70 apricot kernels to be lethal [Editor's note: probably medium lethal dose in full size adults].

Many cultures, like Turkey, love apricot seeds; You just don't eat too many. Studies also show that the low amount of cyanide is beneficial for our immune systems.

Do you know that apple, cherry, peach, apricot, almond, or anything else in this family produces cyanide? Guess what cyanide tastes like? Almonds! Right, our beloved almonds also contain cyanide!

Chris Steinbach

According to this point, about 0.68 mg per pound of body weight is a lethal dose of cyanide. If each (raw) bitter almond contains 4-9 mg of hydrogen cyanide, it only takes 13-30 kernels to make an adult my size (~ 180 lb) kill. It would only take 3-7 kernels to kill an average 5 year old (~ 40lb).