How many Horcruxes were there all together

Chapter 23: Horcruxes

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Chapter 23: Horcruxes (in the original: Horcruxes)

Harry immediately brings the souvenir bottle he has obtained to Prof. Dumbledore and takes a look at what really happened in the pensieve with him:

The younger looking Professor Slughorn is back with a group of Slytherins and Tom Riddle asks him about Galatea Merrythought's departure.

  1. In the non-manipulated memory scene, Slughorn is impressed by Riddle's amazing ability to get hold of secret news and offers to support him in a career in the Ministry of Magic.
  2. When the others are already gone, Tom asks the teacher about Horcruxes again. In the unsettled memory scene, Slughorn answers Tom's question: Anyone who commits a particularly inhuman act splits his soul, and the soul fragment can be spellbound into another object, a so-called horcrux. In this way, a black magician can use his own inhumanity to make himself immortal: when his body is dead, his self cannot be completely wiped out because part of his soul is still present in another intact body and tied to existence. Only when Tom asks Riddle eagerly about the details of the execution of the spell and wants to know whether, to be on the safe side, not just a Horcrux, but keep the soul in seven fragments, Slughorn realizes with shock that Tom is not only interested in this question theoretically, wants to but don't believe it. With the warning that this is a taboo inhuman spell at Hogwarts, he says goodbye to Tom.

The relived scene confirms Dumbledore's long-standing assumption that Voldemort made himself immortal with Horcruxes, and not just with a single, but with six evacuated soul parts (the seventh part of his soul, which has become smaller and more inhuman, is in his own body).

Two of his horcruxes, namely Tom Riddle's diary and Vorlost's ring, are already known and destroyed. Three more are likely known: Slytherin's locket and Hufflepuff's drinking cup, and Voldemort's snake Nagini. Dumbledore suspects that the sixth Horcrux is something of Godric Gryffindor or Rowena Ravenclaw. In order to kill Voldemort, all four remaining Horcruxes would first have to be located and destroyed.

Dumbledore explains to Harry that the prophecy won't force him to kill Voldemort. Voldemort himself is relentlessly out to destroy those who can defeat him. It was only through Voldemort's intention to kill his prophesied powerful opponent as a baby that he made Harry the "chosen one", marked him, given him some powerful weapons and inadvertently created a personally motivated opponent by murdering Harry's parents. Voldemort will definitely want to finish him off. But Harry himself has a choice

  1. merely to react to Voldemort's attacks or
  2. to self-confidently want to defeat Voldemort.

Driven by that "power the Dark Lord does not know", Harry thinks of Voldemort's crimes and decides without hesitation to fight and defeat Voldemort and his terrible crimes.
Dumbledore reports that he is well on his way to finding another one of Voldemort's Horcruxes. When the time comes, Harry can come along to fetch this Horcrux and destroy it.