Who makes money with Hubpages com

Pagewizz vs. Pageballs - part-time job as a freelance writer

1. Pageballs

50% participation: Pageballs uses the page impressions to determine how high the income is on a page. After reaching the payout limit (at least 10 EUR, fair), the transfer will be made via PayPal.

1. After registering with Pageballs, money can be earned immediately and no registration with third party advertising partners is necessary.
2. The income is already visible internally for each item
(see also disadvantages, point 2)

1. The distribution of the income is opaque and cannot be traced / controlled by the author.
2. Income from AdSense are at pageballs probably distributed based on site visitors. However, high visitor numbers in the real world don't necessarily mean higher revenue. This strongly depends on the subject area and the page content.

2. Pagewizz

50% participation: Authors must first register with Google AdSense or Amazon for income, so that Pagewizz can integrate the partner ID on the author's pages. Income is credited and paid out directly by Google and Amazon.
Additionally can be operated on Pagewizz member recruitment, whereby further permanent income can be achieved (more on the help page Pagewizz - Sources of Income)

1. The income is transparent and can be checked by the author using links or in the HTML code of the pages. Also stands Google Analytics available for authors, providing the most detailed information on both visitors and corresponding revenue.
2. Correct and fair allocation of advertising income: An experienced author with well-placed advertising or corresponding content earns more than an author with ineptly used advertising or (financially) unsuitable topics.
3. Google AdSense can also be used on other websites, such as blogs, or already registered AdSense users can also use their existing ID on Pagewizz.

An extra registration with third parties (Google and Amazon) is necessary before money can be earned.