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The Sino-German Society - Friends of Taiwan for over 60 years

Anita Schäfer, Member of the Bundestag, Chairwoman of the German-Chinese Society (DCG) - Friends of Taiwan

General meeting 2010
The German-Chinese Society e. V. - Friends of Taiwan was founded in 1957 and is thus the oldest association for the promotion of relations with Taiwan in Germany, whose members include Germans and Taiwanese. The society initially consisted primarily of members of the German Bundestag who were concerned with the long-term development of German-Taiwanese relations. It now unites citizens from culture and business, science and politics who come from Germany or Taiwan.

The chairperson and the members of the board of directors of the DCG exercise their work on a voluntary basis. They have been promoting friendship between Germans and Taiwanese for many years and promoting friendly relations between Germany and Taiwan.

Thank you for your interest in our company. We would be happy to inform you about the activities of our association and German-Taiwanese relations.

(after entry in the register of associations in the future German-Taiwanische Gesellschaft e.V.)

04/02/2021. It was with great dismay that we learned this morning that a serious railway accident had occurred in Hualien. According to the current status, over 50 people have lost their lives, over 100 injured are currently being cared for in hospitals.

On behalf of our company and the board of directors, we express our deepest condolences.

Anita Schäfer, Member of the Bundestag
Dr. Marcus Faber, Member of the Bundestag
Dr. Michael Zickerick, former Ambassador, former Director General of the German Institute Taipei
Caroline Zillessen
Dr. Frank Meerkamp
Walter Hans Schnickmann More ...
Recent developments in EU-China relations are a matter of serious and grave concern
03/25/2021. Statement by the DCG - Friends of Taiwan (future German-Taiwanese Society) and the Young Taiwan Initiative:

"China is imposing punitive measures against politicians and academics as well as four organizations from the EU. Previously, the EU imposed sanctions on individuals who are linked to human rights violations against the Muslim Uyghur minority.

The measures taken by China are aimed at sanctioning the expressions of opinion of freely elected MPs and academics. We stand at the side of all persons and organizations who work for the observance of human rights in China.

As a society, we are very concerned about the recent reactions from Beijing at various levels, all of which show a clear pattern of action. The increasingly aggressive tone, in particular, does not correspond to the spirit of the recently adopted EU-China investment agreement and threatens to seriously damage political relations between the EU and China.

Today it meets MPs and institutions who work for the Uighur minority, tomorrow it can meet people and NGOs who speak out for Hong Kong and Taiwan. That is why we must work together to defend our basic democratic values ​​and freedom of expression.

The persecution of the democracy movement in Hong Kong and with it the illegal breach of HK's special status clearly shows that China believes it has the power to simply ignore principles of international politics in its new great power role.

This dangerous and aggressive policy by China threatens to be directed against Taiwan next. For some time now, China has been trying to put Taiwan under pressure in a variety of ways and to restrict its international scope more and more. As friends of Taiwan, we call on the EU, Germany and the international community to oppose this policy. An alliance of democratic states (NATO, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and Japan as well as other Asian states) should jointly set a sign of solidarity with the threatened Taiwan and its people. "
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German-Taiwanese Society - General Assembly resolves name change
01/10/2020. The German-Chinese Society was founded in 1957. The choice of name was due to the special historical circumstances of the time. In 2003 the company adapted its name to the changed framework conditions and clarified its position by adding “Friends of Taiwan”.

Names are more than "smoke and mirrors" - names have a history and a symbolic power. It is therefore more important now than ever to emphasize Taiwan's visibility and to stand up for German-Taiwanese relations.

There is a long process behind the name change that was decided yesterday. In the last few years we have discussed intensively about changing the name of our company. The company is politically neutral and the choice of name does not represent a party-political positioning of the company.
There are a number of reasons in favor of a name change. Over the past few decades, a Taiwanese identity has developed - this has been shown by constant surveys and studies over the past few years. Our society can reflect these social changes by changing its name. Taiwan needs a strong voice of support. The name change is a "black and white" commitment and recognition of the civil society and democratic achievements of the past 30 years and a symbol against international discrimination against Taiwan. Our society wants to demonstrate constancy in friendly relationships, but change and clarity in our organizational orientation and keep an eye on the dynamics of geopolitical and social changes.

In times when the name Taiwan threatens to lose its visibility due to external pressure, we show that we are opposing this.

The request to change the name received a clear majority of 90.8% of the votes. This also resulted in a 2/3 majority in favor of an amendment to the statutes. Participation in the vote was 76%. More ...
Penetration of Chinese fighter planes into Taiwanese airspace
09/10/2020. Anita Schäfer, Member of the Bundestag and Marcus Faber, Member of the Bundestag declare on behalf of the Sino-German Society - Friends of Taiwan:
As the German-Chinese Society - Friends of Taiwan, we share the great concern of the Taiwanese government in view of the massive penetration of Chinese fighter planes into Taiwanese airspace, which has now lasted two days. This and the extensive military exercises in the immediate vicinity of Taiwan represent a new level of escalation in the aggressive provocations of the People's Republic. Such maneuvers increase the risk of a military conflict and represent an enormous challenge for security in the region. Friends of Taiwan therefore strongly condemn the actions of the People's Republic and urge a turn away from this harmful policy of aggression. More ...
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Publication "Taiwan on the Move - Economic Relations"
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