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Successful content strategy with browser push notifications

The huge amounts of content available on the web today can make it more difficult to find your own content. Here, web push notifications offer the opportunity to reach your target group better again.

Browser push notifications are dhe's all the rage in content marketing, but the message windows that suddenly pop up look back on a long tradition. Push notifications have been known on mobile phones for a long time. As early as 2003, the Blackberry company brought out the first push emails. The mobile phone, which was indispensable for many entrepreneurs at the time, then answered automatically as soon as a new email was received. With the onset of the smartphone age, mobile apps for push notifications came out. Apple started on its iPhone in 2008, closely followed by Google. These apps didn't even have to be actively called up - instead, advertising and other notifications appeared regularly on the display.

A real bonus from a marketing perspective: users have to deal with the push notifications, even if only to click them away. This is also the only real disadvantage of this form of notification. If you overdo it with the pushed interactions, users quickly react annoyed. We will go into the most user-friendly application of push notifications later.

Apps are no longer absolutely necessary for this. Nowadays you can use your website to send browser push notifications that include both on the desktop PC as well as on smartphone displays appear. This is faster and more effective than sending advertising emails. Of course, you still have to produce strong content, otherwise the effect of the push notifications fizzles out. Especially in light of the GDPR, which is associated with losses for most companies, browser push notifications are a welcome and lucrative alternative for newsletter marketing.

How does marketing work with browser push notifications?

Most browsers support browser push notifications without any problems. For example, Chrome, Firefox, Safari and Opera are suitable platforms. The special thing about push notifications in the browser: They are always shown to users - whether they are surfing your website or not. It is enough to have the browser open so that push notifications can be received. These then draw attention to themselves as small pop-up windows on the edge of the screen. Most of the time, the message windows appear in the lower right corner. If the browser is closed, the messages reappear the next time it is started. Usually, however, you can set the messages to expire after a certain period of time without being called up.

Browser push notifications offer you an excellent chance to reach your target group immediately and offer your content. However, the guidelines for spam protection on the Internet require that you first read the Consent of users have to catch up. Web push notifications are, so to speak, services that you can register for. That is why there are hardly any websites that do not immediately offer to send push notifications when you visit them for the first time. By default, a pop-up opens with buttons for accepting or rejecting the offer. This registration can be canceled at any time in the browser settings.

The more useful, informative or entertaining your website, the higher the chances that many users will accept the invitation so as not to miss any new posts. But so that the subscribers stay loyal to you for a long time, you should observe a few principles:

Don't spam your users with notifications.

If news comes in every minute, users are quickly annoyed and cancel the browser push notifications. So make sure you have a compatible frequency. All reports should also refer to content that is rich in content and offers your readers added value.

Pay attention to the browser compatibility of the push notification tool of your choice.

You should send on as many different browsers as possible. So your users can comfortably use the browser of their choice. Your favorite browser is like your favorite place on the sofa: you just don't want to change it.

Make your pop-up notifications perfect

There is limited space for text in the pop-up windows. The available space may vary depending on the browser. Usually you have 200 to 250 characters available for the heading and text block. Then you can insert the link with which you refer to the respective content. Care for concise texts with clear statementsthat arouse the interest of users immediately. The notifications can also be provided with pictures. A chic picture immediately catches the eye and can attract more attention than the smartest text.

Send browser push notifications to your audience at the ideal time

Many tools and plug-ins offer functions for time control of web push notifications. These can often even be set individually for different target groups. Most working people, for example, are most active on the net at lunchtime and then again towards the end of the day from 5 p.m. to around 9 p.m.

Give the reader what the reader wants.

As mentioned above, you can send different push notifications to different audiences. In this way, you can target your content to the users who are most likely to be interested in it and ensure that they only see posts that are relevant to them. This audience targeting reduces bounce rates and improves your conversions.

Make sure you have quality content.

The best push notifications are useless if they refer to weak posts. Advisors should solve the problems described reliably and comprehensibly, and news should be researched as extensively as possible.

Don't get stuck on accepting push notifications.

Show your users how to unsubscribe from browser push notifications. This also increases the willingness to try out the offer.

The six steps of a push notification campaign

Since push notifications have been used for so long, certain structures and procedures have already emerged. These can be applied to both smartphones and browser marketing. You should follow the following six steps for a promising content strategy with browser push notifications:

  1. Choose the type of notifications you want to use for your campaign.
  2. Find a suitable service and tools.
  3. Conduct or have an audience analysis done.
  4. Divide your target audience into meaningful categories.
  5. Create push notifications that encourage you to click.
  6. Select the time and frequency of browser push notifications and start sending notifications.

Where does marketing via browser push notifications make sense?

News portals and other online editorial offices particularly benefit from browser push notifications, as they often have content on a wide variety of topics to link to. You can also take full advantage of the target group-related assignment of notifications. The likelihood that users will drop is often slightly lower with news sites. In the area of ​​financial news, many users are waiting eagerly for news about the status of their shares or other investments.

Also for Blogger Push notifications can make sense. In this way, you can always inform your readers about new articles or campaigns. The push notifications could also announce the start of live streams, for example.

In principle, web push notifications are also suitable for brand advertising. Companies can keep their customers informed about new product launches, upcoming software updates or competitions and other events. When it comes to creating content that is to be distributed via browser push notification, you are faced with a creative rather than a technical challenge.

Browser push notifications in practice - industry examples

Here are some examples of industries in which browser push notifications are used particularly frequently:

E-commerce: Everything that has to do with ordering and paying can be easily communicated via push notification. Pop-ups could be activated for purchase and payment confirmations, to update the order status or for an imminent delivery. Product launches or sales campaigns can also be communicated quickly and directly.
Travel Industry: Travel agencies can use push notification to advertise inexpensive travel packages and last-minute offers, confirm cancellations and bookings, notify changes to the flight schedule or provide information about the current weather in the holiday destination.
Health industry: In addition to messages about medical research or drug prices, push messages in the health sector can also be used to remind you of doctor's appointments, times of taking drugs or refreshment appointments for vaccinations.

Tools and plug-ins for browser push notifications

Various tools for browser push notifications have already established themselves on the market. Even if you use CMS such as WordPress or Joomla, there are various plug-ins for browser push notifications available. This includes both free versions with partially restricted functions and full-range payment plug-ins.

Here an overview of some of the best tools currently available for content marketing via browser push messages:

  • PushEngage is a marketing platform that you can use for both browser and mobile applications. It was primarily developed for sales and marketing teams and offers functions for automatic sending and the division of target groups. A whole series of automatic push messages can be created. In the meantime, users can also be divided up according to geographical position. PushEngage can be used on several websites at the same time and for a large number of users.

  • ZoPush offers personalized browser push notifications for better customer loyalty and conversion rates. All you have to do is integrate the code snippet provided by the provider into your website. From then on you can send optional push notifications to your site visitors. With a simple "opt-in function", users can accept the messages with a click of the mouse. You can also customize your notifications. Give the pop-ups of individual pages, subject areas or target groups your own designs. You can link to landing pages in the notifications or set links that lead the user back to the starting page after consuming the content. Live tracking enables monitoring of all notification campaigns. The support from ZoPush is available around the clock.

  • OneSignal is a very beginner-friendly tool - maybe even the best choice for beginners. The tool is also free of charge in the full version, with an unlimited number of allowed push notifications. OneSignal can also be used for browser or mobile push messages. The setup is very simple and also allows you to send test messages. Live tracking of your results rounds off the package.

  • Another free notification tool: In addition to Windows and Apple systems, FoxPush also supports Google's Android. The people in charge at FoxPush guarantee a click-through rate of at least 20 percent. This tool is also easy to set up, offers GEO targeting, live tracking and specifically emoji support. There is also a device targeting function with which you can push specific content for different end devices.

  • PushCrew is currently perhaps the most popular push tool with more than 10,000 users. It's very simple to use and set up, allows you to schedule notifications, and supports all popular browsers.

  • CleverPush should also be mentioned as a German provider. Here you can contact a service team with any questions or suggestions that will respond reliably and promptly to your individual requests. It is practical that you do not have to take any time difference into account. The tool also meets the requirements associated with the European GDPR.

We recommend that you inform yourself in more detail on the respective provider pages in order to choose the most suitable tool for you.

Push notifications: a valuable tool

Push notifications can drive your browser marketing forward. But they are not popular everywhere. Too much and too intrusive notification can quickly get on users' nerves. Well-dosed, packaged for the target group and supported by valuable content, the notifications ensure that subscribers receive exactly the information they want. As long as your web push notifications offer added value, they are an excellent means of customer loyalty, communication and advertising.

We wish you good luck with your browser push notifications!


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