Can I have sex with Harry Potter

Hogwarts: Why don't the kids do this?

The books mainly focus on Harry, Ron, and Hermione (with the occasional disagreement with other students, mainly when interacting with the main trio). They don't really suit anyone on the show very well. Hermione's relationship with Victor Krum is not sexual, just romantic, and largely off-screen. Harry doesn't pursue any of that because bigger things happen. Ron is largely unsuccessful in his romantic endeavors due to his ignorance.

However, there is ample evidence that sex (or at least the foreplay) is taking place at Hogwarts. As others have said, there is plenty of evidence of people kissing ("smooching") and similar "PG" activities, suggesting that the awkward teenage romances are occurring.

Also in Book 4 (Goblet of Fire) there is a scene outside during the big party where Harry watches two people (who I believe are Moody and Snape) doing laps on the floor. Snape blows up a row of bushes and then subtracts points from two students (whose names I escape from), a boy and a girl, who were clearly up to something.


Remembering that not everything is mentioned in a story is something many people forget. We focus on characters who don't really pay attention to sex while we're watching them.


Regarding you talking about Victor and Hermiones' relationship, I would say it wasn't sexual since he was 17 or 18 years old and she was 13 or 14 years old, maybe 15 years old.


@iliveunderawesomerock Did you invent or have used this username specifically for this comment? (What I mean is, why on earth shouldn't sex be up to date because they're 17 and 15?)


@sbi your right I was naive and maybe I was wrong. I don't think sex was up to date because of Hermione's character, but I do think people of that age have sex. The relationship was also implied, which means that anything is possible. As for the mention of my username, I don't understand what you mean by that. But this is the username I use for every website I enter, no offense. I think the answer is perfect for a theoretical talk about sex at HP as it has never been covered in the books to my knowledge.


In relation to the Christmas ball events hinted at in the last paragraph, it is Snape and Karkaroff, and Snape blasts rose bushes apart, his facial expression is extreme immoral .There was a squeak from many of the bushes and dark shapes emerged from them. At this point, only two unimportant characters are mentioned by name (Fawcett from Hufflepuff and Stebbins from Ravenclaw). However, we visit this evening again from Snape's point of view The Prince's Tale (in Deathly Hallows ) and learn that Fleur and Roger Davies had also spent time together on the Hogwarts grounds.