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NBA News: New York Knicks are sinking into chaos again - anger for super fan Spike Lee

The New York Knicks have once again caused a stir with chaos off the court. Before the 125:12 victory over the Rockets on Monday, there was a dispute between super fan Spike Lee and security in Madison Square Garden. Lee announced that he will no longer attend the Knicks game this season.

"I'm being molested by James Dolan. I have no idea why," Lee said in the ESPN-Show First Take, in which he was a guest on Tuesday. The day before, rumors circulated that the 62-year-old film director had been kicked out of Madison Square Garden and a video showed Lee arguing with security at MSG.

According to a spokesman for the franchise, the battle of words was about Lee using another entrance to the arena. The long-time Knicks fan, loyal to the game against the Rockets, was always loyal to the game, and during half-time he spoke to Knicks owner James Dolan.

"They wanted me to leave the garden, walk around the outside and go in on 31st Street. I said I won't," said Lee, explaining the starting point of the controversy. He's been using the same entrance to Madison Square Garden for 28 years, but according to the Knicks, it's a staff entrance.

"The idea that Spike Lee is the victim because we have repeatedly asked him not to use our staff entrance but instead use the VIP entrance - which is used by every other celebrity in the Garden - is laughable," it said in an official statement the curtsey.

He continues: "It's disappointing that Spike is creating this bogus controversy. He's always welcome in the Garden via the VIP entrance, just not the staff entrance, which he and Jim agreed on last night when they shook hands. "

Spike Lee doesn't want to attend another Knicks game this season

Lee replied on the Michael Kay Show (ESPN-Radio) that the statement was a "cheeky lie". He couldn't remember shaking hands with Dolan because he was too confused by the whole situation. "That was a trap," said Lee. In a Twitter post with the official statement, the Knicks also published a photo of the handshake.

Due to the controversy, the Oscar winner says he will not attend any more games in Madison Square Garden for the time being. "I'll be back next year but I'm done with this season," said Lee.

Aside from the chaos, Leon Rose also took up his post as the Knicks' new team president on Monday. In a first statement, he asked the fans to be patient in order to build up a "great organization". The Knicks are currently with 19 wins and 42 defeats in 13th place in the east, in the current season there has been chaos at Dolan and the franchise several times.