How can I make video games

Profession: Computer game developer

You think computer games are great - and could you imagine later making money with your own games? shows you which professions there are in the computer game industry

A great team

To become a game developer - that is the dream of many computer game fans. What many do not know: Until a computer or console game is finished, a lot of people with very different professions from many different departments have worked on it.

Game designers are "directors"

First, the game designers deal with a game. You think about the basics and the rules of the game. Where should the game take place? What are the different levels and stations that the player has to go through in the game? And what is the aim of the game?

You have to imagine the work of a game designer in a bit like the work of a director in a film. The game designer develops the concept, has an overview of the game and knows exactly how it has to be implemented. It's just that he's not doing it alone: ​​he's got a whole team of graphic designers and game developers at his side.

The graphic designers, for example, design the look of the game. Depending on the type of game, it is possible that a large number of graphic designers are busy with individual details. For example, houses, people, animals or landscapes are designed and given their very own appearance, adapted to the basic design of the game.

Once the graphic designers have finished their work and the game is running, the game developers take over. Translated, "game developer" actually means "game developer". You are responsible for the technical implementation of the game design. According to the specifications of the game designer and the templates of the graphic artist, they program the virtual worlds and thus create the game.

Training as a game developer

Most of the people who work as game developers or game designers today are career changers. For a long time there was no apprenticeship or degree course for precisely these jobs.

Game developers who are responsible for the technical implementation therefore often come from the IT area. Many studied this subject at university and then qualified during their studies. There are also similar apprenticeships such as IT specialist, application developer or multimedia developer.

Meanwhile, however, private schools and universities of applied sciences are also training software developers or game developers. These schools are all relatively new - and cost money. Depending on the school, you have to pay a fee per semester or month to be able to study here. Nils Sonntag from the Employment Agency in Cologne therefore advises every game fan who would like to have a job in this direction: First of all, you should do a normal training - such as as a media designer or multimedia developer. Often the game companies also offer training directly, so that you can specialize there. "And if you don't get an apprenticeship at a game company straight away?" You can still specialize afterwards - and with a solid education you also keep other options open. "

Training as a game designer

The game designer's job description is also so new that there are hardly any training courses or courses of study that are precisely tailored to it. If you want to become a game designer, you can, for example, take an education at private schools. School subjects such as dramaturgy, design, 3-D animation, video editing, project management and marketing are on the schedule here. And of course English, because in the game industry it is very important to be able to communicate with developers from other countries. The companies are often international - and then you have to be able to talk to colleagues in America or Japan; no matter if you are a game designer or game developer ...

What requirements should you have if you want to work in the gaming industry? "First of all, it is of course very important that you enjoy the game. And you need attention to detail, because you often have to fiddle and puzzled over how you can better implement something - technically and graphically. And game developer should also have some programming skills if possible - but the requirements of the training company depend on the employer, "explains Nils Sonntag.


So you can see for yourself: Unfortunately, there is currently no one right path to a career in the computer game industry. But that will certainly change in the next few years: The professional fields in the game industry are very popular and many people are already being sought who can help with the development of computer games, such as 3-D artists or Flash developers. In the areas of graphics and programming there are many different apprenticeships with which you can get a little closer to your goal. After all, fun shouldn't be neglected either. Because the following still applies: It's best to choose an apprenticeship that you actually enjoy!