How do you see life in Malaysia

Family trip in Malaysia


Go on a 10 day trip to Malaysia with childrento discover a surprising country with many faces. In Malaysia there is everything your heart desires, from dreamy landscapes to turquoise blue waters. This trip guarantees you a lot of fun, unforgettable memories and moments for young and old.

Travel to Malaysia to discover the most beautiful sights with us. This round trip to Malaysia with children is ideal for Familys a combination of nature, culture and beach vacation. Cultural and fairytale sites, wonderful hikes in the mountains or tea plantations, over wobbly suspension bridges in national parks or by boat to an island off the beaten track. Embark on an authentic trip to Malaysia, where modern life and ancient traditions are united.

One can clearly marvel at the economic success of the Petronas Tower in Kuala Lumpur. Then it goes to the highlands of the Cameron Highlands, which are particularly known for their tea plantations. Lose yourself in the tropical forest in Taman Negara National Park Malaysia with children. Afterwards you can relax on the east coast on the island of Tioman. At the end you can make a stop in the mythical city of Malacca, a former trading port between the China Sea and the Indian Ocean.