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Sex Mombasa Kenya - pitfalls & stumbling blocks

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Sex Mombasa Kenya - pitfalls & stumbling blocks

There are small and large ones. Where to start - the biggest dog was actually that I was absolutely unaware that Kenya is a largely Muslim country - especially on the coast. In Mombasa, around 80% are Muslim. They are all very peaceful and nice. They just don't really have anything to do with sex and things like that, I don't mean in public or at least in a frank discussion. It follows that, as I warned in bold (not for nothing) at the beginning, that sex toys of all kinds such as dildos, vibrators, etc. are not only frowned upon, but also forbidden. This also applies to pornography in the broadest sense. CDs with sexual content, porn videos, or printed matter of this kind are also prohibited.

I myself had my usual equipment with me, which included around 10 DVDs with hard porn strips as well as a lot of sex toys. When I entered the country, I wasn't frisked, luckily. But you shouldn't rely on it, because suitcases are often opened. I only became aware of the problem through two friends I got to know locally and who have been going to Kenya for many years. They then told stories of imprisoned Muzungus caught by the provincial police and betrayed some chickens who smelled the big money. Unfortunately, the fact is that one should be very careful. If a girl and her uncle from the police and two colleagues think there is someone who has money with them, they could be tempted to earn one or two Kenyan annual salaries (per nose) on the side. Then they knock on the door and find something. There was also talk of sticking joints.

So don't show too much money, it's better to go cheap. For me, the last advice came too late, but in the end I preferred to part with all the porn stuff. I'm not afraid, but as a newbie in an unknown country, you can't afford to ignore warnings. Because the variant with the 1000 or 2000 euros, which you can get rid of with the corrupt cops, is the more harmless variant.

It is much worse not being able to pay (cash and on the spot, but the hotel safe only opens in the morning), or being stubborn and saying something at the police station, everything will be cleared up. Do not do it. On the contrary, now there are no longer three police officers, now there are seven or so who want to earn something. Then it starts to get critical. So “got away with it with a black eye” I wrote, that only refers to the loss of material, otherwise nothing happened to me in this regard.

It is best not to tell the girls how long you are staying, where you are going, etc. The less they know, the better. And again, as I said, cheap is better.

By the way, none of this relates to lingerie, lingerie, etc., nobody can have anything against that.

Next topic: taxi drivers. Most of them are ok and at most try to negotiate a fare that is too high for you. Negotiating the price BEFORE the trip is essential, otherwise EVERY driver will ask for a moon price after arrival. The best thing to do is to use the drivers standing in front of your own hotel, because you know them and would recognize them again, or at least that's what they believe. Once I had a lot of stress with an ass like that:

I drove from the Casaurina with a chicken to Mombasa, to the Casablanca. I was looking for a driver who would do it for 1000 (both ways) and also wait 2 or 3 hours in front of the Casablanca. I immediately reached an agreement with the first one, who first asked for 2000, but then agreed when he saw that I wanted to go in the direction of the other taxis. So clearly repeated the conditions: 1000 for both ways, including waiting time. The waiting time is never a problem, the guys wait all day anyway, and mostly in vain. So they'd rather do a tour for 1000 than earn nothing. In addition, the one-way trip costs only 800, s.d. the bottom line is what gets stuck.

On the way there for about 20 minutes, of course, I had a nice blow job in the back seat, that's why I took the girl with me, because actually it's “carrying wood into the forest” when you take a chick to Casablanca. It's teeming with chicks. Shortly before the finish, pants up, belt closed, all right. The driver was waiting downstairs in the casa, I bought him another beer.

After about two or three hours it went back, technically "same procedure as last time". However, the driver started to argue on the way that I would have to pay him 2000, he said. I fell from the clouds and said, what do you mean? My friend also confirmed that 1,000 had been agreed. But that was not enough, he said. I told him I would pay 1000 and not one more shilling. So he pulled over to the left and stopped. I opened the door, got out, and headed towards Mtwapa.

It was a few hundred yards from the bridge to Mtwapa. In the middle of the night, really inconvenient, the whole thing. No white person would run lengthways here at that time. But I was determined, took off my (silver) chains and put them in my trouser pocket.

After a few steps I ran back to the car and asked my friend if she would come with me. I asked the driver what he was going to do now, if he wanted to rip me off, and I wasn't afraid and would rather run than let himself be ripped off by him. A lot of black people will basically hate us, but lend a hand, that's one of those things. There are draconian penalties for it, mine mining and such.

My chicken also talked to him, finally he said ok, I should get in. In front of the Casaurina, I slammed the 1000 on the roof of his car and disappeared. First I needed a beer on ex. Man, was I mad. In retrospect, I still reacted incorrectly. Because instead of embarking on such an adventure (I would actually have run), I should have apparently consented and should still not have to pay later. Anyway, it went well, and this bum got nothing. I would have given him another 200 tips, of course that did not apply.

Tip for the Casaurina: Never take the taxis that are directly in front of the exit, they are the Abripper (it was the same for me). It is better to walk the 15 m to the street, there are already many drivers coming towards you and trying to pull you ashore. Then it's best to take someone you know.

Basically, those were the grossest things I would like to warn against. If you then heed the smaller pieces of advice that can be found in the text, not much can go wrong. Of course, we are in Africa, and if the obligatory hardship that you pay as a newbie everywhere turns out to be a little higher somewhere and is paid a little more unexpectedly, then here. But if you take the tips to heart, keep your eyes open and keep your brain switched on, things won't be that bad.

Oh yes, I could tell you again how I feel about the girls in the room ... I do that everywhere, but here it seems particularly important. Don't give the girls a chance to steal you big and nothing will happen!

It is best to have them registered at reception. Or alternatively, to deposit your ID, together with your (possibly existing) handbag and clothing, including the mobile, in a suitcase, preferably a hard case with a number lock. I always do it that way. There is actually never a complaint. Don't forget to turn off your cell phone, the ringing can be annoying. I throw the things that I no longer need in the night into my big suitcase and lock it. So I only have the digicam lying there, and I take care of it.

So the girl would first have to bring the suitcase up at night, because she will hardly pile up naked. As I said, I've been doing it this way for many years now and everywhere, no one has stolen anything from me, with one tiny exception: in Cuba, a bitch stole my eau de toilette from my bathroom. The Kubis are known to steal anything that isn't nailed down. It's something of a minor offense with them.

In this context, it occurs to me that a big thing happened to me after all, on the last day or shortly before I checked out.

I pulled this young lady out of the Casaurina early in the morning, on my last day, around 5:00 a.m. Instead of relying on something tried and tested, I did a really nice number with the wind player upstairs. But instead of evaluating this as a final number and letting it go, I still had a few hours before the alarm went off (packing my suitcase is standardized for me and takes exactly 30 minutes), I definitely had to go again and have a nightcap .

In the form of a few beers, and in the form of this very young lady here, with whom you can already tell from the way she sits on the bed and discusses that something is wrong with her. So I'm in the bathroom with her, and everything is fine, we've already had a shower, I'm doing some water sports with her (passively), she pauses in the middle, where it's most beautiful, and says to me: Yes, if you want something like that, you have to pay 10,000!

I thought I misheard. No, she actually wanted 10,000, two fat monthly salaries in Kenya, for what other chicks had always played along without thinking too much. Without making any demands, of course. I told her that she could fill her pee in small bottles and sell it in Mtwapa at the market, let's see how much she can get for it. No, 10,000! OK, I said to her, who, if I hadn't been so tight on time, would have been kicked out straight away, you get 2000 from me because I'm in a good mood, you just have to make me squirt briefly, my plane is going to Nairobi soon, I'll check out here in 60 minutes anyway. All right. In the middle of it all, we are lying on the bed and I let myself be sucked, she starts to discuss again! It was enough for me. I told her you're going home now, with no money. Then she started screaming where her 2000 were, etc.

After I had asked her a couple of times the alternative of going immediately voluntarily and without money, or being thrown out by me in an octagonal manner without money, she decided on the second option. So I took her clothes, peppered them in the hallway and bowled them eight-sided naked, which got me a scratch on my neck, but it doesn't matter. Where are we She dressed in the hallway while cursing and threatening to come back with the police. Go on honey, I thought, I'll be out of here faster than you can see. That's how it was. The taxi came and I was gone.

Man, I can think of something else related to the airport and felting. On the way back I had to open a suitcase in Mombasa, something like that has never happened to me in my life. The reason was harmless, however, when x-raying everything (yes, everything is x-rayed before check-in), the cables of my digicams could not be classified and wanted to see the original. Fortunately, I didn't have anything left that could have caused trouble, see above. A quick look into the bag with the cables and I was able to close the suitcase again.
Kenya, Mombasa, Safety and General Tips, Basics

Kenya is the Third World and great caution is required due to poverty. Mombasa and the surrounding area are less unsafe than e.g. Nairobi, but we will still have to pay a lot of attention to the topic.

In the following, we will first develop security strategies for the most important points: for the journey, for the hotel and for (e.g. at night) on the go.

The point of it all is of course not to chase you into the fenugreek or to scare you unnecessarily, but read it through and internalize it, just to be on the safe side. Because sometimes it can be more stupid than you can see, and not only in Kenya.

Security strategy arrival

The whole point of getting here is that you have to carry all your cash, credit card (s), passport, ticket, equipment (cameras, notebook, etc.) around with you. First of all, I advocate not taking everything with you in cash, but using credit and bank cards and, if necessary, traveler checks (which are insured). The fees for this cannot be avoided, but they give you a lot of security. Because if the worst comes to the worst, the vacation may come to an end quickly. From the moment you close your front door behind you, you should always be careful. You can also be robbed in your home country if things get stupid, and it is better to be safe than sorry.

How I do it: I split cash, credit and debit cards. I have one part on my man in my wallet, the other part in my hand luggage. So in the event of theft or loss, I do not stand from here to there completely naked in the wide hallway. Cameras, electronics and valuable or sensitive items belong in hand luggage, of course, in the event that the checked-in luggage is lost, the airlines only reimburse kilos, then you look old, because that is only a fraction of the actual value. Not to mention the fact that these items are missing on vacation. And suitcases occasionally get lost, especially on transfer flights. I have a sturdy travel bag that I keep locked at all times with a small combination lock. Thefts also occur on airplanes, and opportunity makes thieves. I never let my hand luggage out of my sight, neither in the taxi, where I always have it in the front footwell or, when I sit in the back, within easy reach next to me, nor when checking in at the airport, nor on the baggage carousel.

When you arrive in Mombasa, always keep your hand luggage with you and not in any trunk or alone in the back seat of the car - if someone opens the door at a red light and grabs it, you will never see it again.

When I check in at the hotel and first look at the room, I don't leave the hand luggage unattended at the reception desk, but take it with me. In general, I prefer to carry it myself, because if the page drops it and the cams / Schleppi are broken, I'm unlucky.

Hotel security strategy

It is ideal if there is a safe with a number code in the room. This is often not the case in Kenya. Otherwise there is a safety box at reception, which is often only accessible during the day. First of all, after checking in, the most important things such as passport, ticket, plastic money and cash (except for the daily requirement) go into the safe. Depending on how big the (room) safe is, the cams and possibly the notebook also fit into it. Because of the hotel staff, there is generally less need to worry about thefts. However, it sometimes happens that other hotel guests take advantage of certain situations to steal, or that girls, especially unregistered ones, take something. Therefore never leave unnecessary valuable items or lots of cash lying around.

If there is only one reception safe, it is inconvenient to run down to keep up with cash. The safe key is then brought back into the room. In addition, as I said, it is often the case that you cannot get to the safe at night. That's why I always have a cash reserve (for about 2-5 days) in my room.

The best solution: a hard case with a combination lock. During my absence, I use this to lock my hand luggage, which is also secured with a number lock, in which I have this cash reserve, safe keys and electronic devices. While all of this is basically easy to break, it took some effort and criminal energy. 99.9% of the time, nothing like this will ever happen. The greatest danger in the hotel comes from unregistered girls who have been towed away in full drunkenness.

There were very few reports of knockout drops, here too, that will not happen to a girl registered with the ID at the reception.

Security strategy "on the go"

When you're out and about, especially at night, never take more money with you than you need. It is best to leave expensive watches and jewelry at home.

Don't wag around with thick wads of banknotes, even if you're paying a bill in a bar. I usually take 10 K KSH with me at night, that's actually too much.

When I take fresh money out of the ATM, I put what I don't need straight away in the safe.

I have most of the money in my holiday flap in the back of my (tight) trousers, so that nobody can reach in unnoticed, or in the cargo pockets on the side (zipper!). In the front of my pocket I have the change, around 1,000 KSH, in hundreds. If I have to pay smaller amounts, the flap stays in my pants and nobody can see how much money I have with me and where it is. I also have mobiles and pocket clips close to my man (pocket). I also have a credit or debit card in my wallet for emergencies. Only to be recommended if you have several (which you should).

Don't walk around in dark corners at night.

Here are some general security tips

Stay away from drugs. In Kenya, smoking weed is now also severely punished, and there are a lot of police spies and / or people who want to get the quick shilling by tricking tourists. Sometimes something is staged with the local police to collect you. When faced with the question of pay or go to jail (which is no real pleasure there) what do you do? Just. So take my urgent warning to heart, there is no mercy.

Just as little as for sex with minors: stay away from girls who have no ID and who might be too young. Don't believe the stories of lost ID cards. There have been cases where minors have offered themselves. If you get caught doing something like that, God help you. There are no problems until you reach the age of 18 - and that's young enough !!!

Police: Don't really expect that it is always really correct. On the contrary, especially the police at Bamburi Station across from Cheers are known for the most brutal rip-offs and corruption. The police want to increase their salary as the first time if something is wrong. They don't really care about your weal and woe. On the contrary, very many cases have become known where the police "worked together" with girls to rip off them. It is then simply claimed that you have paid too little, the police are called in, and only then does it get really expensive.

So never mess with the girls or anyone else, rather pay a higher or too high price before someone makes it official, because then the trouble starts. Unfortunately, the Bamburi police are responsible for all the hotels described here, as they are in their section. The police (there is a guard next to the post office) in Mtwapa are said to be less badly corrupt, but still avoid them if possible.

There is also a tourist police. In an emergency (only then!) It is better to contact them. Unfortunately, I couldn't find any permanent phone numbers, everything is done via cell phone. The best thing to do is to get the cell phone numbers of the officers concerned at your hotel reception when you check in, unfortunately that is the only feasible option, and save them to your cell phone right away.

Kenya is a Muslim country. Pornography (and what is thought to be there !!!) is forbidden and is severely punished. For example, it is forbidden to access websites with erotic content (notices are posted in the internet café). I can only recommend everyone NOT to bring in sex toys (dildos, etc.), videos or other data carriers with erotic content. There are controls at customs, you have to be extremely careful in the country too. So be careful! For example, if you have trouble with one of the girls and they go to the police and tell them that you have sex toys or porn with you, it's your turn. This also applies to photos. So here too the hint:

If there is any trouble with girls, this is actually always about the payment, better give in and pay, makes them happy. You can still act kindly. That's what all the old hands do there and expats too. No matter how unjustified it is, the 10 or a maximum of 40 euros are still much cheaper and less stressful than what happens when the police are involved. They then have to be paid additionally. It rarely happens, but it does happen again and again. During my vacation it happened once that someone suddenly wanted 2000 instead of 1000 for a short time, I paid and of course never looked at the old woman with my ass again, but I just paid.

Always agree the price with the girls beforehand (also applies to taxi rides!). And please without exception. Don't listen to those who think "it's not bad". She's sure to get it too, it's just a matter of time. And then it's your own fault. I "forgot" it once on this vacation. A cake from the Safari Inn, neither particularly pretty, nor talented or committed, I put down in the morning of 2000. She took the money and drew the curfew, but that was not enough, wanted 5000. I traded it down to 3000, more in the report section. Getting in a taxi without negotiating a price beforehand (of course they try to do it with everyone, every time) is more than reckless, horrendously inflated demands at the destination are certain. And in that case too: your own fault.

Take a look at this link on the subject of security and Bamburi Police Station (unfortunately now off, it was about police scams in Bamburi, hard), it is unfortunately in English. I can't put my hand in the fire for these cases, I wasn't there, but I know that something like this can happen - and it does. According to everything I know and hear from expats and “insiders”, I think that's more than credible. So keep your eyes open, friends ...

It is best to NOT tell ANYONE what your name is, where you come from, where you live, when you are leaving or other details that are of no interest to anyone. When in doubt, it is only used to make you a victim of scams and leftist stories. All kinds of people want to know as much as possible about you, not giving out this information can be crucial!

Turn on Cheap Charlie. It is better to be too stingy than too generous, do not spend rounds of drinks, be sparing with tips, and the more "torn" (well) you walk around, the better. Those who are considered generous are rich enough to make them a victim of fraud or theft.

If I read through the whole chapter on safety, I almost get scared myself ... So in the end, once again the most important thing: Keep all of this in the back of your mind, but don't get scared or let yourself be deterred from vacationing in Mombasa. I have written down everything I can think of on the subject. To be on the safe side, so that you know where the pitfalls are and that you are prepared.

Hundreds of thousands go to Kenya every year and nothing happens to them. And that will in all probability apply especially to those who have already thought about this topic a few times.


A few things you shouldn't do:

Do not introduce what could be associated with pornography, please do not print out this report to take with you. If so, then only the text, absolutely without the pictures! And never leave such things lying around openly in the hotel room.

Please don't fall in love and, for heaven's sake, don't send any money to Kenya unless you want to pay for the drinking parties of your friend's black man. Always keep in mind that this is about sex for a fee. If there is sympathy and the chemistry is right, so much the better - it shouldn't be more.

Never think about marriage.

Go on vacation alone unless your buddy is in a really good mood. Nothing is worse than being annoyed by a whining brake on fun during the whole vacation.

Negotiate prices down. Never pay more than 50 - max. 70% of the requested price. In Kenya, too, action is part of good manners.

A few basic things that seem worth knowing to me.

Use tips sparingly, you can find the reason in the "Safety" chapter. In restaurants you can leave a few shillings lying around, 5% of the invoice amount could be taken as a rule. Rather uncommon in the clubs and bars, waiters are therefore particularly happy to receive a little (!) Tip. Taxis don't know any tips. Don't give the girls a tip beyond the agreed fee, but a little money for taxi or matatu is OK.

I like to give the housekeeper in the hotel a little tip, I put 50 KSH on the pillow every day, when I've been around 100, I get pampered (extra towels, etc.).

The low season (summer here) is the best time for Kenya. There are a lot of girls and not much muscling (relatively speaking). We can choose the girls, they all urgently need money and the willingness to provide service is correspondingly good. The prices, however, are in the basement, even with the hotels, all are half or so empty. In the high season from December to March, for example, you are kicked to death, the girls can choose the suitors, the prices are higher, and around the turn of the year you are gutted like the Christmas goose.

General tips:

You should bring condoms with you from home, you can be sure of the quality of our products.

You should definitely take your cell phone with you to Kenya. The reason: on the one hand, Sim cards for mobile phones and prepaid cards are easily available everywhere. Telephoning is cheap, even abroad. On the other hand, the cell phone is nowadays an indispensable “tool” for short-circuiting with friends, meeting spontaneously or simply staying in contact. In addition, most of the girls also have a mobile phone and, if you need to, you can have a nurse come to the hotel for something. After a few days you will have enough numbers of talented staff that you can fall back on if necessary.

The electricity in the hotels etc. is compatible with our voltage. However, they have three sockets, you either need an adapter (ask at reception, it is safer to bring it yourself), or you can help yourself by pressing in the large pole at the top (not energized) with a plastic ballpoint pen or something similar. Then our plugs also fit without any problems.

ID card and check in the hotel. Don't be afraid to let your escort's ID card be withheld in the hotel until they leave the hotel. It is for your safety. If that happens in the hotel only at your request, don't worry, you're new to the country and it's better that way.

There are plenty of short time hotels, asks the girls, they are very familiar with it.

The time difference to Central Europe is 2 hours, in our summer time only 1 hour.

Anyone who is not privately insured should take out travel health insurance, because statutory health insurance is not enough. Such insurances are available for a few euros per year from various insurance companies, just google it.

Vibrators, dildos and other toys are prohibited as pornographic in Kenya!

What do I take with me?

Basically everything is available, so if you forgot your toothpaste you don't have to worry. The Nakumatt in Nyali and the 24-hour supermarket in Mtwapa are well stocked.

Bring light clothing, a pair of shorts for the day, long pants for the evening, especially T-shirts. It's dirty and dusty everywhere, changing several times a day is a good idea. Thanks to the prompt laundry service in the hotels (you usually have your clothes back the next day, at the latest the next but one) it doesn't have to be that much.

If you have some electrical devices with you that need to be charged, you should take a multiple plug with you. I have a five-way plug with an extension cord, which is useful as hotel rooms often only have one or two sockets. And so you only need one adapter, into which you plug your multiple plug.

It's best to bring something with you that you can use to play music, including videos if possible. The Indiana z. B. has only 12 TV channels, and NO music channel. In the other hotels it should tend to be similar. But you need music if you want to have some fun with the girls in the room, it loosens up a lot. There are portable DVD players that can play MP3, etc., for little money, and they don't weigh much either. Connected directly to the telly, the sound isn't mega, but believe me, that's better than nothing. I had to buy a radio with a video CD player in Mtwapa because otherwise it would have been too boring. I gave it away afterwards. Music / video CDs with local music are easy and cheap to buy on the beach or in Mtwapa.

Tip: Take a small LED flashlight or similar with you and deposit it in your room so that you can find it immediately in the event of a nightly power failure.

I expressly do not give a travel guide recommendation, the one at hand should be enough. I bought the big tome of Reise Know How, much too heavy to carry around with me anyway, and of the more than 900 pages I only needed about 50, I tore them out and took them with me. Unfortunately, a lot of the information about the hotels, which was my main concern, turned out to be out of date, even though it is the latest edition.

Activities can be booked anywhere, and safaris are available for many. Unfortunately, I have no experience with it.

On the beach you can book boat trips (fishing boats) and do all kinds of water sports. Taking a taxi to Diani with several people is a good idea.