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Reporting office number abuse

Manipulation of phone numbers

Telephone numbers can be forged relatively easily (see FAQ on the caller's number). Operators hardly have any way of checking whether the signaled call number is correct or not if the manipulation did not take place in their own network.

From a technical point of view, the call number of the calling telephone connection is not necessary to successfully establish a telephone connection (this can be compared with a postcard on which the wrong sender or no sender at all is written and which is still delivered).

It is particularly annoying when your own phone number is used to harass other people:

Those affected receive countless calls from unknown people who complain about harassing calls (e.g. advertising calls) with the number of the affected person. If the harassing calls have not been made, calls are also made to the persons concerned because the harassed persons call back the unknown number on the display. This indicates that the phone number of the person concerned is being misused by strangers (so-called call ID spoofing). Depending on the number of incoming calls to those affected, these cases can be extremely unpleasant and, for example, severely disrupt business operations in companies.

A call with a fake phone number is illegal, which is why a written report can be sent to the telecommunications office, which is responsible for conducting any administrative criminal proceedings.
You can find the contact details for the telecommunications office on our website.

However, we would like to point out that it will be difficult to identify the perpetrators. If the calls with a manipulated number are delivered from abroad, it will in fact not be possible to trace them back. A report is therefore unlikely to have any direct impact on the continued abuse of the telephone number of the person concerned.

The situation in this area is therefore unsatisfactory and there are no "patent remedies" as to how those affected can protect themselves against this misuse of their telephone numbers. In the short term, one can therefore only hope that the use of the affected number for such harassment of other subscribers will stop quickly.
A last resort can be to change the phone number, which of course is always associated with effort and inconvenience.