How can we stay healthy at the university?

Mentally healthy through the Corona crisis

Information from the psychological-psychotherapeutic advice center

We are still there for you!

Due to the current measures to contain the corona pandemic, we can unfortunately only offer telephone consultations at the moment. But we are still there for you: Please contact us by email and then arrange one Telephone appointment - CLICK HERE.

Below we have psychological tips and further points of contact for debts collected by the corona pandemic:

What you can do for yourself

  • It is certainly important to keep yourself well informed. But try yourself Breaks of news, social media etc. so as not to be constantly disturbed by too much and perhaps even contradicting information more than necessary. Find out more from reliable sources ( and consciously also from encouraging sources (
  • Check your stud.uni account, the UR homepage, the pages of your department and, if necessary, the student union to find out about your Education stay informed.
  • Take care of compensation - Relaxation exercises (some suggestions can be found below) and exercise (walking, cycling, jogging in the fresh air, or indoor fitness exercises) are good for you. Soak up the sun and watch how spring is gradually coming in spite of everything.
  • Make sure you have enough sleep, try to maintain a sleep-wake rhythm that suits you, eat and drink regularly and in a healthy way.
  • Stay in Contact with family, friends and fellow students, exchange ideas, inspire and motivate each other or get involved in your neighborhood, as far as you think you can. Especially in uncertain and stressful times, society and mutual support are important stress buffers. Phone and video calls are often more personal than text messages. Also think of those who are perhaps a little more introverted or shy and who do not make contact as often.
  • Deal with this Short program constructive with the situation: Corona winter: What you can do to stay fit or stay mentally healthy during social distancing, quarantine and exit restrictions due to the corona virus.
  • Try Choose something new or reactivate old passions, e.g. making music, cooking, origami, reading, photography or creating a photo album, creating and sharing new playlists ...
  • Make virtual Study groups or learning tandems (e.g. to motivate each other, ask questions, send drafts for written work ...)
  • If you want to help yourself somewhere, find out about regional Networks like,,, in your communities, local newspapers etc.
  • Tips for parents from the Bavarian school psychologists (e.g. if you have children or younger siblings yourself):

When you are feeling very stressed or in a crisis

  • We continue to offer telephone calls in our advice center Appointments at. Just contact us by email
  • If you would like to speak to someone outside of our working hours (evenings and on weekends) or if you are in an acute crisis, please contact:
  • For the Regensburg district: "Who helps with what? Contact points in times of Corona ".
  • If you're already in psychotherapy ask whether it is possible to hold the therapy sessions via telephone or video telephony.
  • If you're on the Find a place in psychotherapy you can continue to do so. Many therapists also offer their appointments by telephone or video conference. Contact points for the therapy place search:
  • If you are feeling very scared or stressed by the corona pandemic, the Distance University of Hagen helpful information posted online (
  • The German Fear Aid e.V. compiles information for people who are particularly stressed by the current situation:
  • Also the Association of German Psychologists and psychologists (BDP) has a very informative page:

When you are in (voluntary) quarantine

  • Try this new and certainly unfamiliar one Situation also as an opportunity or to see challenges, e.g. to discover and try new things, to rediscover or expand the old or to do things that you would otherwise not get to and that finally have a place and time (e.g. to cook something more elaborate, learn an instrument or if you already playing one, practicing a new and perhaps difficult piece).
  • Structure You continue your day and try Routines to maintain. The university outpatient clinic for psychotherapy of the UR has put together some very helpful self-help exercises for day structuring (and for other topics such as sleep or mindfulness):
  • Refuel Sun, sit on the balcony or terrace or by the window
  • Contact the local Support options for errands, shopping ... (e.g.,, communities, local newspapers)
  • The Federal Office for Civil Protection and Disaster Assistance has information on domestic quarantine and Tips Compiled for parents at:

Relaxation exercises, meditation, ...

Relaxation techniques and mindfulness exercises in German

Relaxation and Mindfulness Techniques in English

We hope that you will survive this extraordinary time safely and we wish you all the best - stay healthy!

Your Central Student Advisory Service team