Are grades important for the study or knowledge

7 things that are more important than your grade point average during your studies

by Tim Reichel

There's the thing.

You finally hold it in your hand. After so many years. After so much work. You finally did it.

There it is: your testimony.

And a really good one at that. Your grades are great and your grade point average is really impressive. With a big smile on your face you examine this one document for which you have taken so much hardship. The reward for a strenuous study. Your long-awaited goal.

And after two seconds you ask yourself: And that was it?

Unfortunately yes.

Many students still wrongly assume that their grades are the most important thing in their studies - but this rumor has long been no longer true. In this article, I have already shown you what HR professionals really pay attention to in the application process. (A little tip: grades don't play a big role).

But even what your potential employer thinks of you and your grades is not that important. The only important thing is what you can take away from your studies in the long term and what will do you good for a lifetime. And that has little to do with your grade point average. Actually, it has absolutely nothing to do with it.

Other things matter.


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These 7 things are more important than your grade point average

Yes, your grades are important. But: They are not the most important thing in your studies. There are things that count more - because they bring you more. Here are seven of them:


1. Personal development

Everyone who consciously decides to study and invests their lifetime is pursuing an overarching goal: further development. Every student wants to improve during their time at university. Get smarter. Getting better. Get happier.

And at the top of this desire for development is your personal development. How do you manage to develop as a personality? How can you promote your best personality traits? How do you manage to use your intelligence and understanding in the best possible way? If you use your studies to develop yourself personally, this time is the best investment of your life.


2. Ability to learn

Your studies are not just for the purpose of teaching you tons of specialist knowledge. Rather, it's about you learning what it's like to learn something. And: Your goal should be that you learn to teach yourself new things. Without university. Without a professor. Without fellow students. Self-employed.

If you develop productive learning skills while studying, there are no limits to your performance. Your potential becomes infinite and you can deal with new, interesting things throughout your life. Because you have learned how to acquire these things on your own. And that makes you unbeatable.


3. Independent work

In addition to an independent learning ability, first-class students have another ability that puts every single cut in the shade: independent work.

It is rare to find people who can tackle, process and complete new, previously unknown tasks independently. Accordingly, they are in great demand on the job market (and everywhere else). If you develop a quick grasp of things during your studies and also get used to acting courageously and decisively, you will become a doer par excellence.


4. Social skills

There is no longer any room for egoists in our networked and labor-based society. Just being professionally good is no longer enough today if you want to get started in a responsible job immediately after your studies. You also need a certain degree of social competence.

I don't mean that you can tell good jokes or drink a lot of beer, but rather: It's about being able to react appropriately to those around you. You have to be able to listen. Can explain. Be a team player. Understand the interests of others. Develop an honest compassion. Act ethically. It's all about this. However, if you only care about yourself (and your grades), those social skills wither.


5. Analytical skills

No matter what you will do after your studies: it won't get any easier. Your tasks are getting more complex and the problems you are faced with seem bigger and bigger. But if you have honed your analytical working method during your studies, none of this will be a problem for you.

Analytical thinking has a bad reputation. Academics are often ridiculed for looking at situations objectively and then analyzing their individual parts. This skill is worth its weight in gold and will open many doors for you in your later work life. Especially those to the heart of your boss.


6. Transferability

If you rely exclusively on definitions and standard examples that you have learned by heart in exams during your studies, you may receive a university degree - unfortunately this “strategy” is of no use to you in real life. In the real world, memorized things don't do you any good. Understanding and transfer performance are required here.

You have to learn to be able to apply known methods, processes and models in new situations. You have to draw conclusions, recognize connections and transfer your knowledge. Otherwise it will only stay in the theoretical part of your head and be of no use to you.


7. Self motivation

If there's one thing that successful students need to be able to do, it's self-motivation. Every student has a fight with himself almost every day. To the lecture, yes or no? Learn, yes or no? Continue learning, yes or no? Writing a thesis, yes or no?

Self-motivation is the key student skill. If you repeatedly manage to overcome your own procrastination during your studies and persistently work on your goals, you will not only lead a more satisfied and happy student life - you will also become an active personality and can live your life according to your ideas shape. If you can regularly kick yourself in the ass and motivate yourself from task to task, you will be successful in life - otherwise not.


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Your grade point average shouldn't be the most important thing in your studies. There are other things that matter more; Things that have a significantly more positive impact on your life after college.

Stop looking only at your grades. Because as soon as you focus on higher goals while studying and no longer chase after the next grade with drool in front of your mouth, your student life will change fundamentally. You will become a smart, confident student who understands the real purpose of studying.

I promise you one thing: as soon as you no longer try to optimize your grades, but do everything you can to improve yourself sustainably and promote your personal development, you will do many times better than you could ever imagine. Good grades are a logical consequence of your new way of working - but by far not the best.


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