Why is the Grand Canyon famous

Grand Canyon National Park in northern Arizona

For many people it is the ultimate tourist dream destination: the Grand Canyon. The mountains with their 450 km long canyon in Arizona are now largely a national park administered by the US National Park Service.

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The national park owes its existence to the US President Theodore "Teddy" Roosevelt. He liked to stay in the wild landscape of the Grand Canyon and made sure that the canyon was first recognized as a "National Monument". In a second step, the Grand Canyon was awarded the status of a national park on February 26, 1919. In the USA this date is connected to the present day with the actual beginning of the conservation movement.

Gradually, the Grand Canyon National Park was expanded again and again. Today it covers an area of ​​almost 5000 square meters and thus houses the entire world-famous gorge. Not only the Americans are fascinated by the canyon. UNESCO followed in their footsteps and added the gorge to their World Heritage List in 1979.

For some, the Grand Canyon is home

Tourists from all over the world had discovered the Grand Canyon much earlier. As early as the end of the 19th century, the desire to visit the canyon was so great that a railway line was built. The Grand Canyon Railway connects the city of Williams with the Grand Canyon Village on the south rim of the gorge for a good 100 kilometers. The route was inaugurated in 1901; before that, the journey could only be made by stagecoach.

The railroad was a huge relief for visitors, but whether the natives felt the same way is debatable. Famous Indian tribes such as the Navajos and the Hopi lived and still live in the Grand Canyon. Today they are only granted a reservation, and even that is threatened again and again. The Hopi in particular have to fear for their homeland on a regular basis. Your area harbors valuable natural resources that arouse desires in many companies. So far, however, further exploitation of the Grand Canyon has been prevented.


Grand Canyon National Park tickets

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Only the southern edge is open all year round

The National Park Service in the US is extremely well organized. Since the Grand Canyon National Park attracts around five million visitors from all over the world every year, one can imagine that the infrastructure around the Colorado Canyon is excellent. And yet: A visit to the Grand Canyon always needs to be very well prepared! This is especially true if you opt for the wilder, more pristine and less well-developed North Rim. This part of the park is closed from late autumn through spring. But even if it is open from May to October, good equipment and pre-booked accommodation are very important. You can find out more about this on the official website of the national park. Current weather warnings and the like are always published there during the opening months.

Discover the South Rim by car, on foot or on a donkey

The vast majority of the five million visitors experience the Grand Canyon from the South Rim. Even tourists who are not good on their feet or who have to struggle with handicaps can get an impression of the grandiosity of the gorge, which is at least 40 million years old. The park administration offers a free shuttle bus from the visitor car park that takes you to particularly beautiful viewpoints. There are also two routes that you can drive with your own car. From the Grand Canyon Village, it's a good eleven kilometers west on the Hermit Road. The "Desert View Drive" leads 41 kilometers to the east. Both routes lead to breathtaking viewpoints.

You can experience the Grand Canyon optically by car. Of course, if you want a little more, you have to say goodbye to the vehicle. The deeper areas of the gorges can only be reached on foot or on the back of mules. The animals can be rented on site. On these tours it is extremely important to always have enough drinking water with you. Anyone traveling by car should have a well-filled tank.

Traces of the indigenous people

The canyon, which the force of nature of the Colorado River carved into the mountain range over millions of years, is the main attraction of the Grand Canyon National Park. In addition, you can watch wild animals and find rare plants there.

Of course, the indigenous people have also left their cultural traces. The Tusayan Museum, for example, gives an impression of how the Pueblo Indians lived around 800 years ago. Admission to the museum, which is around five kilometers west of the "Desert View" lookout point, is free.

Hotels, apartments and holiday homes

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  • Desert View observation deck
  • Tusayan Museum
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