What is happening to the world today

  • Persistent loss of the Tesla share price : Elon Musk slips in the ranking of the super rich

    The wealth of star entrepreneur Elon Musk rises and falls with the value of his companies. Tesla has now lost a lot - what Musk can feel. More

  • Canadian family finds message in a bottle : Greetings from the Titanic - or a fake?

    A family finds a message in a bottle on the east coast of Canada that is said to have come from the Titanic. Scientists are now checking whether the letter is authentic. By Gerd Braunemehr

  • BKA publishes new figures : Car thefts continue to decline

    The number of stolen cars has decreased, reports the Federal Criminal Police Office. Border closings due to Corona may have played a role.more

  • 55 hours per week or more : UN study attributes 745,000 deaths to overwork

    Heart disease and strokes: According to a study, around 23 million healthy years of life were lost worldwide in 2016. By Marie Rövekampmore

  • Update settlement in the northwest of Jerusalem : Two dead and more than 160 injured when the stands collapsed in the synagogue

    In a synagogue near Jerusalem there are too many visitors standing on the stands. When it collapses, a man and a boy die. There are also many injured. More

  • Update Bad Essen in Lower Saxony : Neighborhood dispute over children's noise ends with life-threatening injuries

    A young man in Lower Saxony complains to a neighbor about child noise. When others join in, the 24-year-old stabs more

  • Spaceship was launched in July 2020 : China lands on Mars for the first time with the rover “Zhurong”

    Another step in China's ambitious space program: the landing on the red planet was successful, three-month investigations are now planned. More

  • Artists on the way to the ISS : Turning in space

    Premiere: For the first time, scenes for a feature film are being shot in the cosmos. In October, an actress and a director embark on a Soyuz spaceship. From Frank Heroldmore

  • Three years after his disappearance : Court declares missing Tengelmann boss dead

    The Cologne district court has declared Karl-Erivan Haub dead. A good three years ago, the billionaire disappeared in the Swiss Alps. More

  • Australia is struggling with climate change : Water up to the neck

    Climate change is a massive threat to an Australian archipelago. The residents are afraid of the downfall - the government looks the other way. By Barbara Barkhausenmore

  • Is there only Astrazeneca left for the youth? : "I have the feeling that we as a generation will be completely forgotten"

    The Astrazeneca vaccine is rejected by some over 60s, although it is more dangerous for younger people. They are angry. More from Selina Bettendorf, Maria Kotsev, Lou Siebert

  • 29-year-old is said to have shot his boss and colleagues : Hundreds of police officers are looking for alleged shooters

    Dramatic large-scale operation in southern France: around 300 gendarmes were looking for a 29-year-old who is said to have shot two men in a village. More

  • Update after criticizing father Charles : British boulevard railing against Prince Harry again

    "How deep can Harry sink?" Was the headline of the Daily Mail on Friday. Prince Harry had publicly criticized his father, Prince Charles.more

  • Update Klinik had to cancel appointments : Cyber ​​attack on Irish health service

    The Irish health service has been the target of a cyber attack. IT systems were shut down as a precaution. More

  • Prioritization canceled : Johnson & Johnson equated with Astrazeneca

    After Astrazeneca now also J&J: The federal and state governments have lifted the prioritization. However, Stiko only recommends vaccinating people over 60 with the vaccine. More

  • Update most of them kids : Eleven dead in school attack in Kazan, Russia

    Eleven people were killed, most of them children, in the attack on a school in Kazan, Russia. An attacker is said to have been killed.more