Why is humanity so cruel

Why can people be so cruel?

Why can humans be so cruel to animals? The veterinarian Dr. This time vet Marita Langewische deals with the subject of cruelty to animals in her column.

Wuppertal, July 20, 2019 - Today, unfortunately, I have to confront you with a very serious subject. In view of the increasing incidence of animal abuse, I would like to dedicate this column to a few possible causes.

Anyone who follows the press closely will have noticed that there has been a sharp increase in the number of reports on poison bait or treats loaded with foreign bodies.

The number of "sadistic" acts and / or intentional injuries to animals does not stop there. There have been several cases in the press: a cat was found tied together with zip ties and string, a small kitten was doused with glue and legs taped behind the head, two other kittens were painted with paint, and a giant schnauzer was seen in public found hanged.

Only recently, my husband was only able to prevent the neighbor's cat from being deliberately run over at full throttle by an irresponsible car driver in a 30-inch zone by taking a bold jump on the road. People who deliberately accelerate to run over and kill an animal? How so?

Perhaps you also remember the incidents on the Lower Rhine in which several hedgehogs were set alive in 2013, or the incidents with large animals such as horses, sheep and goats that were staked. A young girl at the age of 19 could ultimately be held responsible for the impaling and killing of several horses in the Lower Rhine region.

In China, for example, small turtles are wrapped alive as key rings in plastic bags in order to be “hip” and special. Apparently there are no longer any limits to the perversity of people.

I do not want to confront you with any further details, because even as a veterinarian, the blood in my veins is blocked by the descriptions and the pictures that I see on a daily basis at the moment.

First of all, the abovementioned acts of cruelty to animals were allegedly carried out by third parties, i.e. by people who were not owners or keepers of the animals.

Why does man do this? Such actions are discussed in many ways, e.g. B. to satisfy one's own frustration. Also, some people try to exalt themselves by degrading seemingly inferior creatures.

The background is definitely to be taken very seriously: Professor Eleonora Gullone of the Psychological Institute at Monash University in Melbourne, Australia, has described that people who commit violent crimes against people are often noticed before or at the same time through acts of cruelty to animals.

The FBI in the US has been pursuing animal cruelty as a capital crime since the beginning of this year for the same reasons. The prosecutor of Baltimore County, USA, stated in the newspaper "The Baltimore Sun" that when animals are abused, the perpetrator has total control over the animal.

If you do something like this to animals in a cruel and vicious way, then it is likely that you will also do it to people who cannot defend themselves, e.g. B. Children and people with disabilities. Such people lack any empathy.

It will be very exciting to see whether these considerations are confirmed and, if so, what conclusions will be drawn from them outside of the USA.
In conclusion, I would like to give you some advice on how you can protect your darling from attacks by others: Take the warnings in the media about poisonous bait released seriously.

Keep your dogs leashed in areas you don't know or see. If you have observed that your animal has swallowed something, or if your animal shows noticeable changes in behavior or symptoms of poisoning after a walk, please consult your vet if in doubt.

Always bring your own treats with you when training the dogs or when taking a walk. It may also help to feed your animals before leaving the house. If you suspect activities that are cruel to animals, please notify the responsible veterinary office and the police.

Take good care of yourself and your beloved animals!

Dr. med. vet. Marita Langewische