How are you going to describe your sex life

18 surprising tips for hotter sex in long distance relationships

How do I get the most out of my tiny shared room? What do I have to consider if I am still working while studying? And how the hell do I get my life right? In our #endlichErwachsen theme week, punctually for the start of the semester and application, we examine all aspects of growing up and talk about what we never learned for life in school - but would have liked to have known.
First of all: Each and every one of us in a long-distance relationship deserves a standing ovation.
Not only because you put in extra effort every day, you also go without real sex for months or even years. Of course, sex isn't required for a strong, healthy relationship, but if the bedroom suddenly goes from 100 to zero, you will definitely notice the loss. Thankfully, couples can have a fulfilling sex life more easily than ever, even with miles, if not entire oceans and continents, between them - all it takes is a little creativity and, most importantly, the power of the internet.
While there are a few offline ways to heat things up, the easiest sex tip is to stick with it in a long distance relationship. If you're a tech nerd, a toy user, a writer, a gamer, or whatever, you can make things just as sexy as if your partner were by your side - if not more.
So, if you're currently in a long-distance monogamous relationship or planning to enter into one, you can relax now. You don't have to survive a drought. In fact, even if you sleep in the same bed with your partner every night, you'll be thinking about going on a solo trip just to try these things out. They are that good!