Why can't I make money with ClickBank?

Clickbank - A Great Way To Make Real Money!

Clickbank has existed since 1998 and is therefore one of the pioneers in affiliate marketing. Basically, Clickbank is more than just an affiliate network, it is actually an online merchant because Clickbank is the seller of every transaction. The cycle looks like this: salespeople create a digital product (eBooks, videos, software, coaching, audios, etc.) and post it at Clickbank. Clickbank will review the product as well as the sales page and put it up for sale and it will appear in Clickbanks Marketplace.

And this is where you come into play. Pick a product that you think could sell well. If you now promote the selected product, you will receive a commission for everyone who buys the product through your recommendation (between 50% - 75% of the sales price). And best of all, membership as an advertiser is completely free at Clickbank.

And this is how you proceed:
First, check if there is any demand for the product at all. You can recognize this on the one hand by the quantity already sold and the gravity number (a number that indicates how many affiliates and in what quantity sell products via Clickbank) as well as through corresponding Google research.

How effective is the seller's sales page? The best thing to do is to check this yourself and read the sales page. Imagine you have a strong interest in the product. Are you captivated by the sales page? Does it show you the advantages of the product and answer the most important question: "Why does the customer need this product?"
Check the seller's support by asking a possible typical customer question. Because support is one of the decisive factors in determining whether customers are satisfied or not and whether they keep the product or return it. Because of course you will not receive any commission for returned products.

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Clickbank Tips & Tricks:

The big "how?" Is the question here. How do you advertise a Clickbank product?

Probably the simplest and also a very effective option is to create blogs, so-called niche pages, which only focus on one topic, namely the topic of the product and provide the customer with a lot of information about it.
Because in the long run, only good content wins! So you have to register a keyword domain, start a WordPress blog and post good content and thus offer added value for the customer and inform him very well. In addition, you are promoting the Clickbank product for further information.

The other option, which is very, very, very lucrative, is to advertise via Google Adwords directly on the landing page, provided with your affiliate ID. However, you should have a lot of experience in dealing with Google Adwords, as it is a lot about demographics, landing pages, banners, call-to-actions, click prices, titles and descriptions, split tests, etc.

Furthermore, Facebook Ads also offers a very simple but effective way to advertise Clickbank products, which with a little experience and skill as well as the necessary creativity can lead to financial success.

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