Java is easier than C ++

Learn Java or C / C ++

Quote from Elite_Warrior:

If possible I would take both, C / C ++ is certainly more widespread than Java.
I like Java a little more. It depends on what you have to do later. In general, I would say you are not doing anything wrong with either, tend to take C instead.

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Don't you think so yourself?
Java is everywhere. On the mobile phone, tablet, almost any touchscreen such as at the packing station, etc.
C / C ++ is specially designed for one platform and that is becoming increasingly rare these days. Java code can start anywhere without porting anything (only in very special scenarios).

Even Apple is slowly turning its back on C and developing its own languages ​​that are based on it, but are much more philanthropic.

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Quote from asdfman:

That's an example of what I mean by religion. C is by far the most widely used programming language and is used for all areas of software development. But facts do not count in such threads, but dogmas.

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This may be true for a Windows user, but even there everything shifts towards the web / cloud and multiplatform, no matter how much MS blocks it. The OS itself is mostly C, the other programs, especially freeware such as LibreOffice, TorrentClients, etc. are not.

C is only used when it is worth investing in the effort, i.e. more in large projects of a global nature (browser, operating systems) ...

You can find out the actual distribution via the job advertisements. At the moment it looks more like 90% for Java / Web.