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Simplify an online algebraic expression.

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Calculator that enables you to transform an algebraic expression into a simpler form.

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To reduce an expression means to simplify it by grouping the elements. The calculator makes it possible, thanks to this formal arithmetic functionto reduce an algebraic expression.

This function behaves like a powerful one Online calculator, powerful as this computeraccurate calculations performs on various mathematical objects:

  • of algebraic expressions, it then becomes one literal calculator which also as symbolic calculator referred to as.
  • of numbers, it then becomes one arithmetic calculator
  • of fractions, it then becomes one Fraction calculatorTo continue with the fractions and especially to get the details of the calculations, a special fraction calculator is available.
  • of complex numbers, it then becomes one Complex number calculator, the calculator also has its own calculator for complex numbers.
  • of functions.
  • of trigonometric expressions, allows, thanks to trigonometric formulas, to simplify expressions that include sine, cosine, ...

Reduce an algebraic expression

The calculator is able to literal calculations perform. The literal calculation consists in the calculation with letters, this function makes it possible to group the terms of an expression, to collect them in order to obtain a reduced form of this expression.

Around to simplify an expression, just enter the expression and use the simplify function. To simplify the following expression a + 2a, it is necessary to simplify (`a + 2a`) or enter a + 2a directly, after the calculation the reduced form of expression 3a is returned.

The simplification options of the calculator apply to alphanumeric expressions and thus also to purely numeric expressions.

Reduce a numeric expression

The "reduce" function also applies to numeric expressions, it enables a exact calculation with numbers:

  • For example, the calculator is able to simplify the following expression 1 + 2-5. To get the result of this calculation, you have to type: simplify (`1 + 2-5`), the calculator returns -2.
  • Another example of an expression that the calculator is able to reduce `1 + 2-5 / 3`. To simplify this expression, you need to type simplify (` 1 + 2-5 / 3`) after the calculation returns the result `4/3`.

Reduce fractions

This calculator offers the possibility of a To simplify fractionTo perform expression calculations from fractions and save the result as a irreducible fraction as the special fraction calculator does. The specialized fraction calculator has the peculiarity of performing the steps of the calculations to get the reduced fraction.

For example, the algebraic calculator can simplify a fraction like this: `2 ^ (k + 1) / 2 ^ k`, just type: simplify (` 2 ^ (k + 1) / 2 ^ k`). It should be noted that the numerator exponent and denominator exponent contain letters in this fraction. Thanks to its literal arithmetic skills, the calculator can easily simplify that fraction

Reduction of complex numbers

The calculator enables the manipulation of complex numbers in their algebraic form. Like the specialized complex number calculator, it can do one out complex numbers simplify existing expression.

Simplify functions through their properties.

The calculator uses several methods to simplify math expressions: It uses function parity to simplify certain results.

For example, to simplify the following expression (`cos (x) + cos (-x)`), the calculator uses the parity of the cosine function. For some calculations, the calculator gives the properties that are used to simplify the results, as shown in the previous example.

Simplify trigonometric expressions.

The calculator also allows you to manipulate trigonometric expressions, it can simplify this type of expression using the common trigonometric formulas.

It is therefore possible to use this calculator as a Trigonometric calculator to simplify trignometric expressions like the following (`cos (x + pi / 2) + cos (-x) + sin (x + pi)`). For some calculations, the calculator will indicate the properties that will be used to reduce the results, as shown in the previous example.

Calculator that enables you to transform an algebraic expression into a simpler form.


simplify (expression)


simplify (`x * x + 2 * x-x`)` x + x ^ 2` returns calculate online with simplify (simplify an algebraic online expression.)