How do you love bombing a narcissist

According to psychologists, this is what happens when a narcissist knows that you have seen through them

This is what happens when a narcissist knows that you figured out what to do

Are you just beginning your healing after narcissistic abuse? If so, you will likely know what a pathological narcissist is and what they are capable of.

But what happens when the narcissist knows that you figured out what to do?

Pathological narcissism exists on a spectrum with a variety of different profiles. The way each narcissist reacts when they know you've figured out what they are is therefore different. However, there are similarities.

In this article, you'll learn how a narcissist is most likely to react if you look through them and they know.

1. He shows narcissistic anger

This is an anger like you've never seen before. It is the outward manifestation of a narcissist's inner short circuit. This shows their utter inability to deal with the truth for who they are. It is the anger that is triggered by being exposed to be weak, uncontrolled, and false. Your look at what lies beneath their rejection makes them feel like they are flawed. And that's what they obsessively hide from for a lifetime.

In the moment of narcissistic anger, narcissists are completely out of control. The expression of their anger will vary, but the greater the narcissistic injury, the greater the response, which can range from verbal attacks to physical aggression.

2. He reacts with cruelty

After narcissistic anger, it goes back to calculated manipulation and usual abuse. It is the return from uncontrolledness to complete control and consideration of all actions and behaviors.

Not just to teach you a lesson about who is in power and control over you, but also to punish you. The narcissist now wants to cause harm. Because, in his eyes, firstly because he is entitled to it and secondly because you deserve it.

What does this cruelty look like?

Again, this depends on the narcissist's tastes and habits. He will use common strategies, use what he knows about you and attack based on your weaknesses that you have shared with him.

He will make use of gas lighting. This means that he will try to question your sense of reality and your mental health. He will also try to isolate you and keep you away from your children, family or friends, for example, for no good reason. Things that you depend on, he will try to take away from you. This could include financial resources, among other things. It could also spread false information about you and undermine your social status. He really likes all means and he knows no limits!

3. He's trying to get you back into the relationship.

If the narcissist believes that there is still a way to brainwash you and get you back into the relationship, he will try. Here's what you can expect:

He may bombard you with declarations of love, make promises for the future, or compliment you that you've never heard from him before. It could also be that he'll provide you with an apology. But this will be an apology with no sincerity, responsibility, or empathy. However, similar to the declarations of love, they could be published by him to give you what you want to hear.

He will also try to instill fear and guilt in you. He will ask and make demands of you to stimulate your deepest wounds and to pull you back into the relationship. These might sound like, “How could you do this to me after I've done everything for you?” Or he'll say, “Nobody will ever love you like me!” Don't let him be your puppet master. You are not a puppet. Now cut these strings off.

4. He finishes it.

On the flip side, the final stage of the narcissistic abuse cycle is initiated as soon as he realizes that he has lost you.

In most cases, the narcissist already has alternative partners at the start. These are often contacted and intensified prior to graduation to ensure that you are aware that you are interchangeable. This should also serve as a punishment. Then he will drop you. Should you run after him, he'll enjoy putting you off and telling you it's too late now.

What can you do?

As you probably know, many of the abusive tactics listed are already present in the relationship with a narcissist. So what's the difference?

Once the narcissist knows that you have figured out the difference is that they have nothing left to lose.

Remember that the fear and myriad other negative wellbeing consequences you suffer from abusing the narcissist are the reasons you need to break free. You already knew in the relationship that he is capable of this and that's exactly why you have to withstand it now and leave.

And very important: You are not alone. There is help. If you need help getting out of your abusive situation, reach out to your local domestic violence service provider or good friends who can help you stay strong. Psychological support can also help build or maintain self-esteem. Wake up from this nightmare and finally get free. You deserve to be free and happy! So take what you are entitled to!