How poor people get fat

Study proves | Poverty makes you fat

Especially in times of economic crisis and unemployment, this is not good news at all: Indebted people have twice the risk of becoming obese than others. Reason: They often tend to "consolation-eating" and laziness.

In the study published by the Johannes Gutenberg University in Mainz in the English journal BMC Public Health, 9,000 people were asked about their financial situation and body weight. 949 of them were over-indebted.

The result: Among the over-indebted people, 25 percent, or a quarter, were overweight. In the group of the not indebted, on the other hand, only eleven percent had too much body mass. This means that poor people are more than twice as likely to be fat as others.

The reasons for obesity are the high prices for healthy food, a lack of knowledge about proper nutrition and, above all, the psychological and social stress that plunges many into inactivity so that they no longer move enough.

Eva M√ľnster from the Institute for Occupational, Social and Environmental Medicine in Mainz: "Energy-rich foods such as sweets or fatty snacks are usually cheaper than foods with a low energy content, such as fruits or vegetables."

Overall, the number of over-indebted households in Germany is estimated at 3.5 million. The scientists warn that the current financial crisis may exacerbate the health problems.

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