I can only lose weight by jogging

Losing weight: If you want to lose weight while jogging, you have to avoid these 4 mistakes

Spring is usually the time of year when you throw yourself back into your workout clothes and focus on the Running track embarks. All motivated individuals striving for weight loss should go through this endeavor Cardio exercise support. The endurance workout boosts the consumption of calories immensely and also helps to improve the general physical condition. But jogging will only really help you lose weight if you avoid a few mistakes. (Also read: Losing weight - effective jogging only takes half an hour!)

Losing weight by jogging: what you should know

Those who are just starting out with running training are well advised to avoid typical beginner mistakes such as wrong clothing, too fast a pace or constant comparison with others. Not only do they lead to frustration, they can also lead to injuries. (Read more about starting jogging here) If you also intend to lose weight properly while running, you should avoid these four mistakes:

Mistake # 1 When Losing Weight By Jogging: "Reward" Training Session With Unhealthy Eating

It sounds so simple, but you can't always keep it: If you want to lose weight, you have to consume more calories than you consume. Care should be taken to ensure that the burned calories are not immediately returned to the body - neither through high-calorie foods nor through sweet or high-proof drinks.

To do this, you should know your individual basal metabolic rate and adapt your sports units accordingly. Appropriate and healthy are generally between 300 and 500 kilocalories per day that are lost through exercise. One hour of running training burns around 500 calories. The respective basal metabolic rate for men is calculated as follows: Body weight in kilograms x 24 x 1.0 = basal metabolic rate in kilocalories. (Also Read: Very Simple: How To Determine Your Calorie Needs)

Mistake # 2 when losing weight by jogging: Disregard regular exercise

Those who really want to achieve weight loss and don't want to wait months for it have to make an effort and most importantly, stick with it. Running twice a week is not enough. Visible results can only be achieved with at least three workouts per week lasting between 20 minutes and an hour.

This boosts the metabolism permanently and ensures the desired weight loss in the long term. And the best thing about it: Your condition improves noticeably and you can soon start to extend the training units. (Also Interesting: Losing Weight - 6 Tips To Achieve Your Goal)

Mistake # 3 while jogging to lose weight: Not doing interval training on straight stretches

"No sweat, no price" - what sounds like a trite saying contains more truth than one would like to think. Because if you make your training as simple as possible and only sit on straight stretches without inclines and without difficulties, you will miss the desired weight-loss effect.

Better: interval training, consisting of sprints and normal pace. It gives the body the impulses it needs to start burning calories. You can also incorporate inclines and slalom runs with loops into your work-out. The advantage here is that you have to train less time with this change of pace and the running variants. With this demanding type of cardio training, 20 to 30 minutes per training unit is sufficient.

Mistake # 4 when losing weight by jogging: The muscles are weak

It has long been known that calorie consumption increases many times over when you combine your cardio training with strength training. But this effect has still not reached all runners. The muscle training not only helps to burn more fat, but also strengthens the entire body structure to become more effective during running training. So if you combine your cardio workouts with strength training, you can be sure that the muscles - even when at rest - consume the maximum amount of energy.

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