Which question always has to be answered with yes

Yes-No Questions: Funny decision-making questions

Yes-No Questions: Funny decision-making questions

Are you looking for a game against boredom? Then we have the yes-no questions for you that will save your boredom!

Decision-making questions against boredom: yes-no questions

Are you bored and want to play the yes-no-questions game with your friends? That's great, because we've picked out a few funny yes-no questions for you that will quickly make you forget your boredom. Finally come too funny results and statements at rum, which can lead to further conversations with friends.

Yes-No Questions: A game for the group

Actually, the yes-no questions are important questions to raise awareness in the group and the Responsiveness to test. It's a nice concentration exercise to get to know your friends better. In response, you will always receive one from the person opposite you Declarative sentence. What the statement looks like then always depends on how you ask your question. Remember: it is only allowed with Yes and no be answered.

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Yes-no questions: How does the game with the decision questions work?

Before playing the game with your friends it is of course important to know beforehand how the game works.

  • It's kind of Board game, that you can play from anywhere. You can ask your friends virtually in the chat or face to face with the yes-no questions.

  • Facetime or video telephony is of course also possible and is funnier if you hear the reactions of the other person. A few laughs are sure to be guaranteed.

  • Pay attention to how you do the Statements and interrogative words formulate. Because both the question words and the statements must be carefully considered. You can go with negative question words and positive question words even direct the statements of your counterpart in a certain direction.

You can find out how this works best here!

  1. You ask the person a question that needs to be answered with a yes or no.

  2. If you're playing this in a group, you can grab a piece of paper and a pen to write down the group's answers.

  3. The great thing about the game is that there are no limits to you. So you can let your creativity run free.

  4. Ask questions that are respectful and do not hurt anyone.

  5. Look for questions that you would want to answer without feeling weird.

Here are the best examples of yes-no questions against boredom

  1. Do you like your name
  2. Are you happy with your life
  3. Do you want to grow old
  4. Do you have pets?
  5. Do you have siblings?
  6. Do you live in a house?
  7. Do you live in a big house
  8. Do you live in an apartment?
  9. Do you live in a big city
  10. Do you live in a village
  11. Are you in love?
  12. Did you have your first time (already)?
  13. Was it good?
  14. Was it bad?
  15. Do you own sex toys?
  16. Do you still go to school?
  17. Do you go to a comprehensive school?
  18. Do you go to a secondary school?
  19. Are you going to high school?
  20. Do you go to a Waldorf school?
  21. Do you like your school?
  22. Do you like the teachers
  23. Do you have a best friend
  24. Do you have a best friend
  25. Are you happy with your body
  26. Do you want to change something about him?
  27. Are you taken?
  28. Have you been with him / her for a year?
  29. Are you happy?
  30. Did you like the questionnaire?

Examples of yes-no questions: Decision-making questions to get to know

Maybe you already know the yes-no questions from school. The questions often loosen up the atmosphere among one another on school trips or in get-togethers. Here's how you can do it within a very short time to learn a lot from your counterpart. Even if it's just a “yes” or “no” answer, you'll notice how quickly you can interesting things will experience.

What exactly are "yes-no questions"?

Yes-no questions are questions that the other person has to decide.

  • The mpossible answersthat you can accept to your yes-no questions are: yes, no or yes.

  • To a positive question like “do you live in Germany?” You can either answer “yes, I live in Germany” or “no, I live in Denmark”. Either way, you will get one positive answer.

  • Positive questions always get a positive answer with a approval.

  • To a negative question like “don't you like Tobias?” You can answer with “but I like him” or “no, I don't like him”. No matter what your answer is here, it will always be negative answer be.

  • Negative questions always have an answer with one negation.

Yes-no questions: examples for your date

You can of course ask your crush on a date, whether girl or boy. The yes-no questions always go and bring funny answers and insights. You should just be careful not to ask awkward questions if you don't know your date very well. Only when you have built a basis of trust in each other can you pierce your counterpart with questions, no matter how embarrassing and uncomfortable these can be. You're still on the Looking for inspiration? Then here are the yes-no questions for boys and girls:

Yes-no questions for boys and girls:

  1. Do you have siblings?

  2. Would you like to be famous

  3. Before you call someone: are you going through what you want to say in your head?

  4. Would you like to change something about yourself? If yes, what?

  5. Would you like to have super powers?

  6. Is money important to you in life?

  7. Do you care about honesty and loyalty?

Decision-making questions: Which questions cannot be answered? Here are fun examples

  1. When humans discovered that cows give milk - what was they doing?
    If a word is misspelled in the dictionary, how do we ever find out?

  2. How do you know when invisible ink is empty?

  3. Olive oil comes from olives, corn oil comes from corn. Where does baby oil come from?

  4. Why do 24-hour petrol stations even have door locks?

  5. Why do noses run while feet smell?

  6. What does a butterfly have in its stomach when it falls in love?

  7. Why do you have to make an appointment to visit a clairvoyant?

  8. Why is it never busy if you dial the wrong number?

  9. If super glue really does glue everything together, why is the inside of the tube sticking?

  10. If you choose to be indecisive, what are you?

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