What is the cheapest travel destination

Bargain hunters watch out: The 8 cheapest travel destinations in 2021

Despite the ongoing corona pandemic, vacation planning for the summer of 2021 is slowly taking off. And this time it is not only associated with a good deal of flexibility and uncertainty. Many people are looking for the best possible price-performance ratio, not least because of Covid.

To support you in your search for a cheap dream vacation in 2021, we show you an overview of our favorites among the travel destinations for bargain hunters.

1. Georgia

Georgia is one of the most underrated travel destinations. In addition to the beautiful landscape, this is mainly due to the low cost of living there. Although the ticket price for the flight to the Eastern European country is financially in the middle of Europe, the costs for food and activities are very low. This makes a vacation in Georgia perfect for bargain hunters who still want to experience a lot.

2. Mallorca

Let's start with a classic: Mallorca. On the most popular holiday island in Spain you can find the right offer for every price range. For around 250 euros per person you can travel to the island for a week in summer.

However, as in all other countries, you have to forego any activities and catering offers - and instead look for a hotel close to the beach.

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3. Bulgaria

You can also travel to Bulgaria for just under 200 euros per week. Especially the Sunny Beach on the Black Sea is a popular destination for cheap beach vacations. Admittedly, it is mainly known for extensive parties, but Bulgaria has a lot more to offer: Interesting culture, untouched nature and beautiful beaches.

4. Albania

In Albania, you pay an average of around 25 euros per night for a well-equipped double room. So it's no wonder that the scenic country should not be missing from our overview. The nature of Albania is partly reminiscent of Italy, and the local people are particularly hospitable.

5. Croatia

A package tour for one week also starts at around 200 euros in Croatia. The diverse country on the Adriatic is no longer an insider tip for fans of cheap holidays. But because you really get a lot for your money there, Croatia should not be missing from our list. Because not only accommodation and flights or travel are inexpensive, but also on-site activities.

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6. Portugal

Portugal is the most south-westerly country in Europe and convinces with hospitable people, breathtaking beaches and a varied cultural landscape. And by the way, the costs on site are comparatively low. Because the Portuguese earn on average significantly less than we Germans, which makes the cost of living lower. You can also get a package tour to the southern country for 250 euros per week.

7. Greece

180 euros for a week's vacation on the Greek mainland. Sounds tempting? It is. And it's just one example of the great deals on Greece vacation this year. And that doesn't only apply to the mainland: If you don't necessarily want to swim in luxury on Santorini, you will also find great deals on Greek islands.

8. Turkey

For a week's vacation in Turkey in the summer of 2021, real savers pay only 175 euros. If you are into luxury or want to book all-inclusive, of course you have to dig a little deeper into your pocket.

However, the general rule is: Turkey is particularly popular with German holidaymakers because of its good price-performance ratio.