What is the best restaurant in philippines

The 9 best restaurants on Boracay

Boracay is a true foodie's paradise. Because the restaurants on Boracay offer a wide range of different dishes. Many great restaurants, with national and international cuisine, have gained a foothold here on the island.

When you are in Boracay, you don't have to travel to other countries. Because here, too, you get your English breakfast or an authentic, Italian pizza served. Here you can find the typical American burger as well as fine sushi from Japan.

No, nobody really needs to lose weight on Boracay. Because there is something for everyone here. There are, for example, Mexican, Hawaiian or Moroccan restaurants. Japanese, Korean, Italian and of course Filipino gusto are served in the same way.

Filipino cuisine

Filipino cuisine is very varied. She offers simple dishes, such as fried salted fish with rice. There are also different types of Fish and chicken curry. But also lavishly prepared Paellas and Cozidos.

Popular Filipino dishes

Adobo is the unofficial Filipino national dish. This is chicken or pork braised in garlic, vinegar, oil and soy sauce. It is usually served with rice and refined with black pepper. Adobo is one of the few dishes in the Philippines that is locally sourced. By the way, the word adobo is Spanish and means marinade.

A Lechón is a whole pig cooked over charcoal. We would just call it suckling pig. Lechón can be found in many different regions of the world. Especially in Spain and countries with Spanish influence.

Kaldereta is a traditional goat meat stew. Sometimes beef, chicken or pork is used instead of goat. The meat is braised with liver paste and vegetables. Vegetables such as tomatoes, potatoes, olives or peppers are used. This dish was also brought to the Philippines by the Spaniards.

Under Pochero one understands a dish made from pieces of beef. These are braised with saba bananas (or plantains) in tomato sauce.

Pinakbet is a northern Filipino dish. It is cooked with mixed vegetables. For example, pumpkin, eggplant, beans and okra are used. The vegetables are steamed in tomato sauce with fish or shrimp paste. Here, too, there are various ways to prepare it.

Turon is a Filipino dessert that is often served with ice. These are thinly sliced ​​bananas or mangoes. These are rolled up in a spring roll sheet. Then the rolls are fried in a pan.

Where can I find the best restaurants?

One restaurant is lined up with the other along the beach promenade at station 1 and 2. The D'Mall on Station 2 also offers a large selection of different restaurants. So if you're strolling through this part of the island and getting hungry, you don't have to go far. Because most of the restaurants on Boracay are located on this part of the island. Whether you're traveling on a budget or not, you're guaranteed to find something here.

By the way, at station 2 you can also find many providers of activities. Helmet diving, helicopter flying and sailing are all on offer.

Our favorite restaurants on Boracay

Of course we tried a few restaurants on Boracay. Here, we introduce you to a few that have particularly impressed us. The numbering is not a rating.

1. Kasbah, Moroccan restaurant