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Make Money Blogging - 10 Sources of Income for Bloggers

What drives most bloggers is a passion to share their experience, expertise, and insider knowledge with others. Unfortunately, you can't pay bills with passion alone. Most bloggers have already asked themselves the all-important question: “How can I earn money with my blog?” If you want to create your own blog and earn money with blogging, you have to combine all of your content with a source of income. In this article, we're going to break down how to make money from a blog - whether you're a beginner or a seasoned blogger looking for a new source of income.

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Make Money Blogging: 10 Ways To Monetize Your Blog

1. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts are blog posts that brands or people reward you for creating. Basically, this is an advertorial as it is a paid ad that is written in an editorial style. Whether you're writing about the latest new mom products or personal finance, brands can reach out to you for sponsored posts on your blog.

You can promote your Sponsored Posts by providing a price list on your website. For example, to start with, you could approach local businesses (and brands that other bloggers in your niche have worked with) and ask them if they're interested in a sponsored post on your blog. Make sure to mention how much traffic your blog is generating and how many followers you have in total.

Author and founder Caroline Preuss offers various cooperation opportunities for companies on her blog “Madmoisell”, including sponsored blog posts. Take a look at this sponsored post from Söhnlein Brillant, for example. Various photos show Caroline with a bottle of the popular sparkling wine brand, complete with the branding of her blog and with integrated links to the company.

2. Make money from blog - dropshipping

A blogger's greatest asset is his audience. With regular traffic to your blog via search, social media, or your email list, you have access to that one thing everyone wants: (Potential) customers! If you want to make money blogging, adding an online store to your blog can add a whole new dynamic (and more revenue).

Do you want to become a blogger and are you interested in fashion? Or are you already an established fashion blogger? Then you can find the latest trends for him and her on Oberlo. Or maybe you blog about beauty, home decor, motherhood, children, DIY, photography or another niche - whatever it is, on Oberlo you will find top products for sale on your website.

The magic of dropshipping lies in your ability to sell products without having to purchase bulk inventory yourself. You only buy what you have already sold yourself. And if your website is already set up, you can easily add hundreds of products - for free.

3. Build a t-shirt business

Often times, when you're studying how to make money on a blog, selling a product is one of the best options. However, you may prefer to create your own product instead of selling someone else's. In this case, the T-shirt business model is a popular way to make money.

While the term t-shirt business sounds like it is actually limited to t-shirts only, most t-shirt vendors have started expanding their product lines. Leggings, dresses, bodysuits, hats, backpacks, phone cases, canvases, pillows and much more can be created using print-on-demand. If you search for "print on demand" in the Shopify App Store, you will find a number of products to which you can add your own text and design. As with the dropshipping model, you only pay for the products that your customers have ordered. So after your design is finished, you can literally start selling your own t-shirt the same day.

If you come here is probably the funniest dog blog in Germany. The author Heidi Schmitt shares articles on the subject of dog health and nutrition, helpful tips and lots of anecdotes from and for dog owners. In addition to product and book recommendations, a print-on-demand shop is also integrated here. A range of stylish shirts with funny sayings on the subject of dogs is on offer. The appearance is a prime example of how you can make money with a blog.

4. Make Money Blogging - Affiliate Marketing

One of the most common ways people make money blogging is through affiliate marketing. Once you are accepted into an affiliate program, you can earn commissions every time someone buys through your affiliate links. Some bloggers use list articles, often also called "listicles", in which they include their affiliate links.

An example would be an article with the title “The 10 best Amazon products for your wedding” with corresponding Amazon links. Other bloggers write articles with several different affiliate programs to introduce more options to readers. An example would be an article on the “10 Best Ecommerce Platforms”.

The only downside to monetizing with affiliate marketing is that you only get commissions and pricing is out of your control. You will likely never make as much as a blogger with an online shop that can set its own prices. is a successful gin blog that is monetized through affiliate marketing. Here the most diverse types of gin are presented and a lot of interesting information on the subject is conveyed. Interested readers can then order the gin directly from Amazon or other providers - of course always via the corresponding affiliate links. This is another way of making money blogging.

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5. Work as a freelance copywriter or writer

For some bloggers, their own blog is not a channel for generating passive income. So instead they focus on generating active income. Freelance writers or copywriters trade their time for money by writing blog posts or website texts for other brands and entrepreneurs.

Such a freelancer can use their own blog to find new customers and present themselves as a personal brand. However, the monetization strategy is based exclusively on the acquisition of customers. In this case, a blog that revolves around your own subject area could also be useful. Ideally, you will link to your portfolio in your navigation, which shows all the content that you have written for other customers.

Madita Schäkel runs a business as a freelance copywriter and also integrates a blog on her website. In her most recent blog posts, she writes a lot about the dos and don'ts in copywriting and how to create texts that bring real results. In this way, she gives her readers added value and at the same time emphasizes her competence. Your page is rounded off with a detailed description of your services and the offer of a free course.

6. Make Money With Blogs - Giveaways

Giveaways are another way to make money blogging. While it may seem like you are initially spending money to give away an award, there are ways you can monetize the audience it creates.

For example, some giveaways have entry requirements that require you to visit a website to earn a point. There are bloggers who add an affiliate link to Amazon for the option, earn a commission and thus cover the cost of the price. You could also earn a commission or payment by promoting another brand's giveaway - we're talking about a sponsored giveaway.

Another option that an online retailer with a blog could use is to send a consolation prize to all participants in the giveaway who did not win. The price? A discount code on your online shop. In this way, the giveaway ultimately becomes a profit maker instead of a cost center.

Websites like concentrate entirely on the subject of competitions. Companies can advertise their competitions and giveaways here, while additional income is generated through the integration of classic advertisements.

7. Brand partnerships

How can you make money blogging - brand partnerships can also be a lucrative option. The payment can either be made directly or by providing an affiliate link.

Other collaborations, although not paid for, can give your blog a wider reach. This in turn contributes to greater visibility, more traffic and new sales opportunities. When it comes to brand partnerships and you are wondering when you can start making money with a blog, you have to show initiative at the beginning. So don't be afraid to network with other bloggers in your area to find out what opportunities you can jump into. You can also approach suitable brands yourself to let them know that you have an affine audience and are open to cooperation.

The travel blog worked with BBBank to present the bank as such and, above all, its offer of a free Visa card. The blogger Sylvia presents the services and the app in detail in her article and underlines the whole thing with authentic pictures. Make money with blogs - brand partnerships can be a very lucrative option with a larger readership.

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8. Make Money Blogging - Ebooks

Would you like to know how to make money blogging? E-books can be a successful path for anyone who is an expert in a certain area. When it comes to writing an ebook, you don't necessarily have to write it from scratch. To save yourself time, you can also use your most popular blog posts and link them together in a meaningful way. Most blog readers don't have time to read through every single one of your blog posts. So don't be afraid to take content you've already created and combine it in a new format.

Let's take a look at the Financial Rocker blog. The personal finance blog has put together a lot of advice on financial freedom and living within your means. To monetize the blog, the financial rocker has written several books and audio books, including the e-book “Now I rock my finances myself”. The e-book has over 60 (almost exclusively positive) reviews on Amazon. Your own blog has almost certainly played a major role in this success.

9. Online courses

If you also want to make money blogging, creating and selling courses online could be an option. So if writing is not your thing, but you still want to make money marketing your content, an online course could be the solution.

Online courses can be sold on their own website or through a platform such as Udemy. Hosting your course on Udemy gives you access to potential new buyers but is also restricted by Udemy's Terms and Conditions.

However, if you do the hosting yourself, you will need to advertise your course heavily or have a large audience ahead of time in order to make money. You could also take a look at other courses in your niche, either free or paid, to put together the best content and capitalize on your competitors' weaknesses. So be sure to look at competitor reviews to determine what type of content potential attendees really want to see in a course.

A very good example of the use of video courses is the website by photographer Benjamin Jaworskyj. On his side, Ben offers various courses on photography, video editing and image processing. The prices are between 15 and 70 euros. Of course, he also includes an extensive blog that supports his video course offering. If you want to earn money with a blog, you should definitely take a closer look at Ben's appearance.

10. Make Money From Blog - Membership Content

Some big bloggers rely on restricting access to their content. What does that mean? Some of their content is only available to members, which means that you have to pay to read such exclusive content. Often you see this with prominent newspaper brands or established bloggers with large audiences. Sometimes part of a blog post is also visible, but the rest must be activated for an e-mail list using an opt-in form.

Earning money with blogging: conclusion

So now you know how to make money blogging. And there's a lot more you could do - like including ads on your website, selling services, using your blog to get booked as a speaker, and much more. Whether you experiment with any of these ideas or a combination of them, doing so will improve your chances of turning your blog into a money machine.

How Fast Can You Make Money With a Blog? You should have realistic expectations here. All of the ten variants presented here require some preliminary work and consistency. Getting rich overnight is impossible with blogging either. But if you stick to it with devotion and are consistent, sooner or later success will come.

Finally, you wonder how much money can you make from a blog? The possibilities are almost limitless and "Sky is the limit"! So what are you waiting for? It's time to start making profits with your passion!

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