How can I improve my sales

Increase sales: 9 simple conversion tips for your online shop

In the past, the most important goal of that online retailer was to sell as many products as possible. Not that this goal would ever change, because as an online shop operator you ultimately live on the proceeds from the items sold. In recent years, however, you have been able to do one trend record: content. Content with added value is on everyone's lips and is the focus of many online strategies. This is how many online shops now have own blogsin which specific topics are explained in more detail. Relevant content is not only informative, but also creates real added value for potential customers from visiting your online shop. After all, potential customers want to get to the right websites and content without great effort.

Take your customers by the hand and show with informative and unique content why it is worth taking a closer look at your online shop. Of course, your main goal is always to achieve the highest possible conversion rate and thus increase your sales. Before we move on to our 9 simple conversion tips, we should clarify two important questions in advance.

What is the conversion rate?

The conversion rate (in German: conversion, conversion, turnover or conversion rate) is a KPI from marketing and indicates how many visitors to a website are to a concrete action (such as download, registration or purchase or transaction). The conversion rate is given as a percentage and the higher this percentage, the better and more successful you are. Two numbers are required to measure the conversion rate: the number of previously defined actions (e.g. transactions) and the number of your visitors. The formula for the conversion rate is:

Conversion rate = number of actions (e.g. transactions) / number of visitors * 100

How can I increase the conversion rate?

In order to increase the conversion rate, you need to consider a few important factors in advance. So are SEO, SEA, Social Media, Shared Content, and especially customer reviews important components that influence your presence in search engines like Google and form the cornerstone of your success.

Your online shop will only attract the attention of potential customers if you also offer relevant content for search queries. Then all you have to do is convince potential customers with an attractive design that encourages them to browse your online shop - and the purchase is as good as complete.

Do not forget: A purchase decision usually only takes 3 seconds. Yes, you read that right - three seconds! If you want to increase your sales, the following always applies: the first impression counts!