Where is peace on earth

Peace on Earth?!

"Silent Night, Holy Night" - a song that is sung on Christmas Eve in countless churches around the world. Also a song that shines far beyond Christmas Eve - towards the beginning of a new year, a new calendar. A song in the shape of a little boy about the night that brought salvation to the world: God's Son. Christ the savior is here!

It is probably the most famous Christmas carol in the world, translated into more than 300 languages ​​and dialects and an intangible world cultural heritage of UNESCO. The beginning of its story lies in Oberndorf, Austria: In 1818 the song was premiered on Christmas Eve by the village school teacher and organist Franz Xaver Gruber and the assistant pastor Joseph Mohr. Mohr had already composed the song as a poem two years earlier. After the end of Napoleon's rule and the reorganization of Europe by the Congress of Vienna, he wanted to express the people's longing for peace. A wish that, even after almost 200 years around the world, has lost none of its relevance.

God's kingdom is still in trouble

Especially at Christmas and at the beginning of a new year, it is relevant, the desire for peace. “Because a child is born to us, a son has been given to us. The rulership is on his shoulder; He is called: Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Eternal Father, Prince of Peace. His reign is great and there is no end to peace. ”(Isaiah 9: 5-6) A wonderful promise that was made to us over 2000 years ago - and which unfortunately has still not been fulfilled. For just as Jesus Christ was born in poverty, threatened, persecuted and finally killed, so are many people around the world today.

God's kingdom is still in trouble: While we were enjoying a peaceful festival together with the family, with good food and beautiful gifts, people elsewhere are dying of hunger and violence, are being persecuted and killed. While we go into the new year with friends, fireworks and great expectations, many have no roof over their heads, are lonely and no longer even have dreams. People like you should at least belong to our quiet thoughts during this time - and maybe a prayer, a smile, a donation.

Since 1968, the Catholic Church has been celebrating World Day of Peace on January 1st, on which there is a message from the Pope every year. According to the Christian commandment to love our neighbor, we are called to proclaim the peace of God in following Jesus. The Hebrew Bible uses the term shalom for this, which goes far beyond what the German word "Frieden" can express. Shalom is the fruit of God's righteousness. Shalom is the peace of the individual with God and the peace of peoples and people with one another.


“For blessed are the peacemakers; they will be called sons of God. "
(Matthew 5,9)