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Support satisfaction for laptops and smartphones 2021 - who offers the best service?

Again this year, before our final résumé, we want to point out the data source for this analysis, which comes from our own survey. All of our readers were invited to share their experiences. As is known, however, disappointed customers tend to share their experience more than those who had a positive experience. It is important to take this fact into account when interpreting the results of our survey. If one assumes that participation behavior is roughly the same for all brands, exciting insights will nonetheless result.

As in the previous year, the German manufacturer Schenker / XMG is clearly in the lead in terms of customer satisfaction for consumer and gaming laptops. In second and third place are Apple and Dell, which are also identical to last year's results. Lenovo's consumer notebook division developed positively year-on-year, while Asus seems to have slipped a bit. The two newcomers Gigabyte / Aorus and Razer, who qualified for participation this year based on sufficient data sets submitted, can usually be found in the lower places in the individual sub-ratings.

A quick repair is essential for customer satisfaction. If you want to be on the safe side, there is no avoiding an on-site service contract.

In the business laptop segment, there were only slight shifts compared to the previous year. Dell can increase customer satisfaction slightly, HP and Lenovo lose easily. There are still visible differences between the experiences of owners of business notebooks and consumer notebooks at Lenovo and HP. Here, devices in the business category tend to be repaired faster and more successfully than is the case with their consumer counterparts, and there are clear differences even when it comes to telephone support. At Dell, the lines between consumer and business users are blurring.

In the case of smartphones, Sony says that too few entered data sets are excluded from the rating. In the remaining team of four, Apple leads in a superior manner with around three quarters of very satisfied customers. There seems to be room for improvement, especially with Xiaomi. The comparatively young player on the German market would do well to invest in its aftersales service structures.

As in previous years, this year's survey shows an advantage for devices with included on-site service. In the event of a repair, the damage can be repaired as quickly as possible, so for hardware that is mainly used for professional purposes, a corresponding on-site service contract is more a must than an option. Apple scores very well in many aspects, but in the case of the repair time it is not enough for an absolute top position. In around a third of the cases, the defective device had to be dispensed with for more than 14 days.