What can love do to your heart

Sayings that move the heart

There is a very large selection of wonderful sayings, quotes and wisdom for almost every occasion, be it the next upcoming birthday of your girlfriend or boyfriend, a wedding of a good friend to which you have been invited or simply for " in between ā€¯without a special occasion. All the sayings, whether for a birthday, for a wedding or for another occasion, have in common that they are short, concise and remembered. However, there are also types of sayings that melt the heart of the other person, i.e. the person to whom you are saying the saying. This type of saying is usually very profound and is usually only used by people who have an intimate relationship with each other or within a partnership.

With the sayings that move and melt the heart of your loved one or the heart of your loved one, you can tell your sweetheart how much you are in love with him, what is particularly important to you in your loved one and why you have a life without your dream partner just can't imagine anymore. Often these sayings are also used when the partner is not with one place at the moment but in another place, be it for business, school or other reasons. In this case, these sayings can also be wonderfully sent to your sweetheart via SMS, WhatsApp or as a Facebook message. What is important about the sayings that should touch the heart of your sweetheart and possibly even melt it is that they come from your heart and describe your feelings that you have for your sweetheart. Only then will the sayings move the heart of your loved one and fulfill your intention to tell your partner how much you love him or her.

To see you,
makes me feel great
To touch you
makes me feel great love!

To hear you
makes me swear everlasting love
To know you,
only lets me know love!

To experience you
makes me float on cloud nine,
Loving You,
drove my heart to seventh heaven!
Rating: 145
Freedom of heart
You gave my heart freedom
it should live without you again in the future,
but you didn't ask if it wanted that,
my heart would surely have said no too!

Because my heart always wants to be with you
it doesn't want to be alone just with me
it takes your affection and love,
it would be lonely if it stayed with me!
Rating: 142
The heartbreak shows
The heartache shows that I'm still alive
he also shows me that I tremble for you,
otherwise he would have long since disappeared
but he continues to do his rounds.

It will probably only disappear then
when I can finally forget you
but that, that still takes time,
I'm not ready for the breakup yet!
Rating: 142
Love is good ...
Love is good for my heart
it relieves grief and pain,
she makes me happy and satisfied,
the love I feel for you!

Love is good for my soul
makes me forget what I am tormenting myself with,
she makes me happy and joyful,
the love I have for you!
Rating: 139
With love in your heart
With love in the heart, the thoughts with you,
that's how I like my life
nothing could be more beautiful
than to know that I am yours!

With love in the heart, the feelings with you,
I also wish the future for myself
I don't want to change anything in my life
I want to give you love forever!
Rating: 137
Do you hear my heart
Do you hear my heart sing a song
how beautiful this love melody sounds
a melody written for you
because you are the great love for me!

Do you hear my heart crying out for you
how to hear that scream far and wide
a scream that speaks deeply from my soul,
please please don't leave me
Rating: 130
How can my heart be so stupid?
My heart still hopes
that you might love me after all,
how can my heart be so stupid
as often as you left me alone

My heart is too good to you
after what you've done to
how can it still be with you
i just can't understand

My heart still beats for you
even if you always let it down
it still loves you very much
even if there is nothing more between us!
Rating: 123
You are so inscrutable to me
I don't know what you want
once you say "I love you"
then again you let me down!

Tell me where i am
does my hope in love make sense,
do you want my heart
or will you just plague me

You are so inscrutable to me
it's been going on for a year
I now want to know what's between us
whether you are the partner for my life!
Rating: 121
Many years ago
Many years ago we met
nothing and nobody can separate us since then,
we are like one heart and one soul,
you have been my great love ever since!

Many years ago we became a couple
hard to believe, but it's true
our love is like the first day
you are the one woman i like so much!
Rating: 116
You have my heart
You broke my heart
it feels like stabbed
it hurts and hurts a lot,
no improvement that I see!

My heart is bleeding to death inside
you let it down
it just twitches
lucky that I'm still alive!

You killed my heart
made me unhappy
why are you doing this to me
am I a bad man?
Rating: 115
Why actually?
Why am I so lonely?
am I maybe a bad man
that all women will not love
even if they get heaven on earth?

Why don't I get love actually
all women just let me down
what have other men just not me
why doesn't a woman actually love me?
Rating: 113
May my love
May my love into your heart
be there forever and ever
Love you and give you joy,
forever and ever for all time?

May my love accompany you
forever and ever, for all time
Be close to you, protect and guard you,
make you happy forever and ever?
Rating: 111
The separation
The separation from you tears my heart apart
I only feel sorrow and pain
I blame myself for many
that love is broken for you,
I look to myself to blame
somebody must be to blame!

I can't find answers to my questions
just a pain that stings my heart
what did I do wrong
we laughed so much together
why didn't our love work
I've tried everything for the rescue!
Rating: 110
Never again
I never want to lose you again
otherwise my heart would surely freeze to death,
I never want to be without you again
my heart can't take it alone
I'll never let you go again
my heart will always be with you
I'll never be without you again
my heart never lets you down!
Rating: 109
My heart never wants to be alone again
My heart can no longer be without you
my heart will never let you down again!
My heart is so crazy about you
my heart is happy when you are with me!
My heart always wants to be with you
my heart never wants to be alone again!
Rating: 106
Stay with me, ...
Stay with me, then I'll give you
the most important thing in me
you shall have my heart forever
it stays with you every day
it guards and protects you,
it never lets you down
it will be with you forever
it never leaves you alone
but you have to promise me one thing
you must never break my heart!
Rating: 106
Beautiful day
Today was a beautiful day,
just as i like him
spent it with you
that made me happy!

I wish for more days like this
I would like to be with you always
because you are the love in my life
I want to give you my heart now
keep it forever
i love you to infinity!
Rating: 105
Pure love
Your heart caught me a long time ago
it was just that I would start without you
it would be a life without joy and happiness,
I don't want to go back to loneliness!

I want to stay in your heart now
it's beautiful there, I can rest there,
there is no trace of loneliness and worries,
in your heart I feel pure love!
Rating: 104
My heart cries for You
My heart is crying out for you every night
because it is you that makes it happy
my heart is crying out for you every day
because it's you who like it so much
my heart is crying out for you at all times
because it is you who swear the oath of love!

But not only my heart is crying out for you
I also want you to always be with me,
because it is you who give me love
I'm in love with you, my darling!
Rating: 104
If you want love
If you want love from me
do I have to get love from you too
because without love from you
you don't get any from me either!

The reason for this is just very
I can no longer give my heart
it was hurt too often,
let down too often!

I don't make this mistake anymore
I will only give my heart back then
when I know that someone loves me
only then will he get my heart!
Rating: 103
King on the throne
Can you feel it too
how our hearts touch
how they vibrate together
how they no longer freeze?

Do you feel this tingling there too,
my heart won't let yours go
it loves the vibration far too much,
feels like a king on the throne!
Rating: 102
Listen to the heart
I should listen to my heart more often,
it has never let me down
it always tells me what's good for me
and if you are the right one for me!

It says to me that you are a great woman
between you and me there is something like love
that there is a chance of a relationship
and that you are in love with me too!
Rating: 100
Sheer anger
My heart is not well
pure anger boils in him,
it has a great hate me too,
because I left you!

It finally wants to be with you again
I would like it to be mine
because my heart needs you
significantly more than it takes me!
Rating: 99
Sweet thief You are a sweet little thief
because you stole my heart
I still love you
and won't spank you for it!

I'm glad you took it
no one else would I have given it
only you would have got my heart
I only want to live with you!
Rating: 99
My heart for you
My heart for you keeps beating
it never takes a break, has no rest,
for you it still beats day in, day out,
it wants you to always be with it!

My heart is always there for you
no matter what, no matter what happened,
it is waiting for you, are you not there,
until you are close to him again!

My heart for you says to you
you are the woman I wish for
only with you my heart is fine,
you don't even believe how good your presence is!
Rating: 99
Journey of the heart
My heart has made a journey
it was with you last night
it felt comfortable with you,
it didn't even want to go back to me!

It would have loved to stay with you
it actually wanted to love you forever
but you didn't want my heart
why, can you tell me?
Rating: 98
Eyes, voice and heart
Your eyes look at me
no matter if from near or far,
I like this look so much
make me happy as a man!

Your voice seduces me
penetrates deep into my heart,
the voice should always be with me,
i love her just like you!

Your heart gives love to me
every hour and every day,
it's your heart that i like so much
that's why I give my love to you too!
Rating: 96
My heart
My heart that only beats for you
is it that keeps asking me
why you are not with him
why it is so often all alone!

My heart longs for you
so please come back to me
so that you can be with my heart
so that it is not always so alone!

My heart needs you
as much as me
come to me, come to me
my heart and I love you very much!
Rating: 96
Heart on fire
When we came together some time ago
immediately my heart went up in flames,
has been burning since that day,
I'm also very happy about that,
because you are the best for me
my thoughts are only about you
without you I don't exist anymore
the flames in the heart are very burning!
Rating: 94
Always when
Whenever you are not with me
my heart is only crying
it feels sad and alone,
why can't you be with him?

Whenever you leave me
my heart longs for you,
would like to go with you,
otherwise it will start to freak out!

Whenever you are not with me
my heart screams loudly for you,
only you can give him love
that my heart needs to live!
Rating: 92
Not gathered
In the beginning I hadn't got it
that you are really serious about me,
I always thought it was your game
but then you made it into my heart!

My feelings also developed then
I've been full of happiness and contentment ever since,
I can't imagine losing you anymore
because only through you do I feel like a real man!

I don't have to worry about our future anymore,
the love for you will last forever,
even you will never leave me again,
because our hearts are caught in one another!
Rating: 90
The angel of love
The angel of love was with me
he brought me your heart
said to me that you love me
and give me your love

The angel of love was there tonight
I spent a lot of time with him
I gave him my heart
it should beat in you and live on!
Rating: 90
You know
Do you know who my heart beats for
that it can only endure your closeness,
it can't be without you
because my heart is now yours too!

Do you know who my heart trembles for
that it only lives for you
it can't live without you
only you can give life to my heart!
Rating: 89
Heart pain
I feel heartache because of you
I hope you come back to me
I need you so much
my heart is so empty without you
you have to come back to me
I long for you so much
I don't know what else is going to happen
if my heart might die on it.
Rating: 88
Full of courage
Full of courage and full of strength
did you finally make it
penetrated into the heart of me,
it longed so much for you!

But now you're finally here
in my heart, very close to me,
you can never go away again,
stay in my heart in this place!
Rating: 88
Rewarded with great love
It took a long time
until your heart was ready for me
for a long time you avoided me
until you sneaked into mine!

A long time passed with hope and fear
to get to your love someday,
but the wait was worth it,
I was rewarded with great love from you!
Rating: 88
I wish I was your cuddly bear, then I would be with you every night, touch your sweet skin and feel the pounding of your heart !!!
Rating: 87
Live without a heart
How can one live without a heart
I gave you my heart
it keeps beating with you
through love it lives in me too!

But should our love ever break
so you have to promise me one thing
I'll get my heart back from you
otherwise my life would be over!
Rating: 87
Great mania
I have a great mania in me
I will probably never reach her
it is the desire for love from you,
but you don't give me this love
you have someone else by your side
because I walk through life alone
but the mania is still in me
because my heart is crying out for you!
Rating: 87
Not only me
Not only am I delighted with you,
my heart is crazy for you too,
it needs you, it loves you
as much as I do!

You are not only important to me,
my heart also needs you sincerely,
can only be happy with you
just like me!
Rating: 86
Why don't you love me
why are you letting my love down
why don't you return my love
why do you let my heart break

Why do you refuse my love
why are you sending her to the grave
why don't you want to live with me
my heart aches because of you!
Rating: 85
Love is a golden glow Like the scent of roses and yet not pure, it hardly blossoms like the flowers in March So it dies and tears your heart apart
Rating: 84
Giving a heart to a woman
I want to give my heart to a woman
she should guide me through my life,
be with me, love and honor me,
I don't want to deny her any wish!

But where can I find a woman like this
if only one could be found
who is always by my side
a woman just like you are!
Rating: 84
You have a place
You have a place in my soul
you are the person I count on
I love you, I need you
my whole life revolves around you!

You have a place in my heart
my heart always longs for you,
but you don't want this place
can you tell me why
Rating: 83
I'll be happy to send you an email on your cell phone, because I don't want to be forgotten. But I'd rather be in the heart, because your cell phone can get lost!
Rating: 82
You have the heart
You have the heart that makes me happy
you have the heart to guard me
you have the heart I want to be with
you have the heart that is so pure!

You have the heart that I strive for
you have the heart I like to live with
you have the heart that I need to live
you have the heart that you should give me!
Rating: 82
Please look at my face
and say I don't love you
please look me in the eyes
tell us i can't trust you
please just look at me
and say you are not a good man
please just look at my heart
and say the love for you was just a joke!
Rating: 82
Hate and love
Hate and love are close together
sometimes my heart is on fire
sometimes it feels really bad
nevertheless you remain my dream man,
because a life so completely without you
is completely unimaginable for me,
I need you, the love of you,
even if you sometimes bring me hate!
Rating: 82
Long evaded
For a long time you always avoided me
but then you sneaked into my heart
very quietly, without leaving any traces,
I am so happy, I still can't believe it!

I hope you feel good in my heart
you can't believe how good it is for me
for a long time I thought that you don't love me
but now I know that you give me love!
Rating: 81
Into my heart
You have brought yourself into my heart
made me the happiest person
the head is in love with you,
because you are just the best person!

You have found a place in my heart
I love you more than anything my sweetheart,
I will never give you again
I need the love from you so much!
Rating: 81
Of pain
My heart is streaked with pain
because you lied to me so often
because you cheated on me so many times

My heart is plagued by pain
The separation from you is what gnaws at me
the separation from you is what plagues me!

My heart is filled with pain
since you are no longer my darling,
since my life has been so lonely again!
Rating: 81
Long ago
It's been a long time
that we loved each other very much,
a lot of water already ran into the sea,
since our hearts loved each other very much!

Everyday life has returned
but my heart still honors you
you are still a part of me
I still long for you!
Rating: 80
My heart alone
It hurts my heart very much
that I will never see you again
but that's the way it should be
my heart must live alone now!

My heart hurts, he's bad
his love for you was always real
but you don't want love anymore
my heart feels very empty now!

My heart aches, screams for you
I would love you to be here again
but it shouldn't be like that anymore,
my heart must live alone now!
Rating: 80
Quite a while ago
A long time ago
was my world still intact
love was true to me,
the love I got from you!

But then it suddenly happened
love has left me
you were gone, away from me,
my heart longs for you!

It was days ago
no more sign of life from you,
what's going on, get in touch,
my heart needs you as much as i do!
Rating: 80
my everything
You are my one and only, my darling,
only you have room in my heart,
no one else ever gets in there
only you can be in my heart!

You are my one and only, my darling,
I only say this one sentence to you,
I only love you so much
I will never give you back!
Rating: 80
We feel great pain
I'm alone, I've been abandoned
I still can't believe it
why is this happening to me
why no more love from her?

I am alone and so is my heart
we both feel a lot of pain
why did she leave me
what have I done to her?
Rating: 80
The ashes of the heart, kindled to embers by your breath, made me from beggar to the most magnificent king in the world overnight!
Rating: 79
All the time
I keep thinking of you
because our relationship concerns me
sometimes it's great, sometimes it's difficult,
but I always love you very much!

My thoughts are always with you
because it is you who mean what to me
these thoughts are not always clear
but one thing that always remains true!

My heart keeps beating for you
You my darling, I love you!
Rating: 79
Behind an iron railing lies a heart that weeps so bitterly. Pick it up, don't break it cause it says I love you
Rating: 76
What kind of promise is that?
When the two of us met a year ago
we promised each other, no one can part us
forever and ever we will stand together
neither will ever leave the other!

It's been a year since that promise
this promise is no longer worth anything to you,
why do you want to leave me
why can't you stand by me anymore?

Is it your way of making promises like that
what actually counts for you in life?
I can only tell you, I am disappointed
i really thought you loved me!
Rating: 76
Lost without You
I feel lost without you
Sorrow and worry then torment me
Loneliness takes hold in me
my heart only screams for you!

It is an agonizing time for me
if you are not with me
I can't stand it for more than an hour
to be without you, so all alone at home!

I feel lost without you
please never leave me in the lurch
stay with me, never leave me
otherwise my heart only screams for you!
Rating: 76
heal wounds
Time should heal the wounds
but it doesn't just take hours
because big are the wounds in me
Wounds that I have because of you!

You hurt and left me
I should actually hate you for that
but I can't do that yet
because my heart still speaks of you!

So I have to let the time go by
I will forget that you left me
but it won't work overnight
because my heart will stand by you for a long time!
Rating: 76
One can only see well with the heart, the essential is invisible to the eyes!
Rating: 75
My heart it hurts
My heart, it hurts and is very gone
whenever I don't see you
when you are not near me
when my heart is all alone!

My heart, it hurts and longs
it needs and misses you
it does not want and can no longer without you,
please don't let my heart down!
Rating: 75
Can't understand
I just can't understand
why don't you want to see me anymore
you know very well, I need you
but you give my heart a pang!

Why only, why are you doing this
are you enjoying that?
Why do you hurt me so much
don't you love me anymore
Rating: 75
Nobody longs for me
nobody wants love from me
there is no one who loves me
no one who gives me his heart!

What kind of life is that
why was it given to me
what am I supposed to do in this world
if nobody joins me?

How should it go on now
where will I be in a year
I'll stay alone forever
or does one come into my heart?
Rating: 75
My heart needs you
My heart is so longing for you
is afraid that I will lose you one day
will not and can no longer hit without you,
can't stand the world without you!

My heart misses you so much
it feels lonely and also empty,
it hurts and bleeds all the time,
it is not ready for any other love!

My heart finally wants you again
it wants to say to you I love you
it takes you to go on living
without you my heart will no longer exist!
Rating: 74
Heavy step
The separation from you is a difficult step
but my feelings no longer cooperate
so I have to dare to take this step now,
and say goodbye to you forever!

I know it won't be easy for you either
but my decision has now been made
I have to go my own way now
we will never meet again!

But you will stay in my heart
I still like you very much
but there is no more love between us
my feelings for you are just empty!
Rating: 74
Do you know
Do you actually know how I'm doing
how much my heart begs for you
how sad and lonely I feel
I could smash all the chairs!

Do you actually know that I need them
without you I lose myself so much
my life is no longer so beautiful
when you were still with me!

Do you actually know I miss you
I mourn the love of ours,
I can only be happy with you
life is not good without you!
Rating: 74
The love flame
The love flame has gone out
I'm trapped in loneliness again
nobody there who loves me
no one who gives me his heart!

The love flame no longer burns
I feel so lonely and empty
no one who touches me tenderly
nobody who leads me through life!

The love flame must be lit
I don't want to be alone on earth
want to find a partner again,
that I can untie my love!
Rating: 74
The tears in my eyes will go away
the heartache because of you will go away
my longing for you will disappear
the thoughts of you will disappear
my feelings for you will disappear
the love for you will also disappear,
my memories of you will disappear
but my heart will always find you great!
Rating: 74
I love you
I love you with skin and hair,
I love you every year
I love everything about you
My heart only beats for you!

I love you from head to toe
I love you because I have to
only you bring love to me
my heart only beats thanks to you!
Rating: 74
It was a little star
Once upon a time there was a little star
I was so fond of him
he stood in the sky all night
he was constantly guarding me
he gave with light and confidence,
but I haven't found him for days!

Where has this star gone
does he not notice that I am sad
why does he let my heart down
my little star, i love you
I need you my little star
because only you I like so much!
Rating: 74
Hardly started
Hardly did our love begin
has it already come to an end
we didn't match
we cannot live together!

No sooner did our love begin
so it has already melted away again,
life together doesn't work
even if it breaks my heart!
Rating: 74
To forget
When our love is over
and you are no longer with me
then my heart breaks too
but I will not forget you!

The time with you was much too good
she gives me great pleasure,
I will not be able to forget you
even if my heart breaks apart!
Rating: 73
Sometimes I love you very much
but sometimes I hate you even more
sometimes you are my greatest treasure
but sometimes I could give you poison!

Sometimes my heart screams for you
but sometimes I prefer to be alone
sometimes I need you very much
but I don't always want you to come to me!
Rating: 73
I know now
I know now
can't do anything anymore
it's over,
with us two!

You do not love me,
my heart breaks,
Finally, over and out,
is it with the two of us!

No more love there
you are no longer close to me,
let me down
I will miss you!
Rating: 73
You are in my heart with two lit candles, they will always appear bright, even if sometimes many hearts cry.
Rating: 72
I wish I were a cuddly bear, then I would be with you every night. I would sleep with you in your little bed and snore under your blanket. And laugh my little cuddly heart, you know, it's not a joke.
Rating: 72
Do you hear my heart
Do you hear how fast my heart beats
how well it tolerates your presence,
how happy it is that you exist,
that you never let it down

Do you hear how it beats faster all the time
with your presence it does not come to rest,
it is fire and flame for you,
never leave my heart in the lurch!
Rating: 72
What is love
What is love actually
is my question to you now
what do you expect from her
does she have something to do with me?

What is love for you
I am the love for you
is there love only with me
what does love mean to you?
Rating: 72
I want to say thank you,
that you are always with me
for your warmth, love and tenderness,
that you have for me at all times!

I want to say thank you,
that you give your heart to me
for your closeness and your trust,
that's how you can build a future!

I want to say thank you,
that you are the love of me
that you share your life with me,
I also want to give you my heart!
Rating: 72
Joy in life
Oh how nice it is
that you are my darling
you mean everything to me
my heart, it beats for you!

Because you are my beloved darling
my life is no longer dreary,
I enjoy it a lot
I love you my man!
Rating: 72
My heart in deep sleep
My heart mourns you very much,
the heartache torments me
it suffers from loneliness
no one who comforts it, far and wide!

My heart weeps a lot for you,
why do you let it down
it needs you to live
only you can give him life!

My heart barely beats in me
it only longs for you
has already gone into deep sleep,
why did you leave him?
Rating: 71
Feelings in the heart mean pain. The pain in my heart is crying out for you because you are the wonderful, painful feeling in me.
Rating: 70
My heart
My heart, it hurts terribly,
it thinks of you all the time
but you, you are just not here
where are you, tell me!

My heart, it needs you so much
without you it feels lonely and empty,
but you, you don't care,
it's like stabbing my heart!

My heart, it can no longer do without you
please don't let it down now
come back to my heart
give him the happiness of love!
Rating: 70
Woman by my side
I looked deep into your eyes
blindly trust my senses
that you are probably the right woman
for whom is the place in my heart!

That's why I want to ask you now
would you like to dare
to take the place in my heart
and to be the woman by my side?
Rating: 70
Here with you
I feel good here with you
my heart burns like hot embers,
it burns brightly for you,
that I have you makes me happy!

Here with you I feel safe
I have to praise you for your love,
I'm glad that you exist
I am immortally in love with you!
Rating: 70
Stitch of the heart
I made up my mind yesterday
my heart remains closed for you from now on,
you hurt me way too much,
it hurts so much, this stitch in the heart!

Not just once did you betray me
you lied to me countless times
I was so in love with you
but it hurts so much, this stitch in the heart!
Rating: 70
I am aware of my soul in yours, my heart can never rest but only on your chest. My heart can never beat but for you alone, I am so entirely yours, so entirely yours for ever.
Rating: 69
Heartless and mean
Why are you so heartless and mean
why don't you want to be my love
why do you always leave me behind
why can't I get your heart

I want to live a life with you
you should feel all my love
I always want to be there for you
why are you so heartless and mean
Rating: 69
You are in love
You are not only in love once in your life,
but you can only give your heart once
so pay attention to whom you give your heart to,
Think carefully about who exactly you love!

I have decided
My heart only beats for you,
I will love you forever
now I'm just waiting, are you ready too!
Rating: 69
Heart goes on a journey
My heart will travel tonight
because it wants to see you again
it will look for you no matter where you are
because your closeness is so important to it!

My heart starts now, looking for you
it has a lot of love from me in its luggage,
it will find you no matter where you are
because my heart is full of love of mine!
Rating: 69
It was a sunday
It was a Sunday when you left
a day that is constantly in my memory,
a day i will never forget
never as long as I'm here on earth!

It was a sad day for me
it felt like a stitch in my heart
I will never see you again
never go hand in hand with you again!

It was a Sunday exactly a year ago
just before the world was alright
but since that day I've been alone
every day since then I cry from my heart!
Rating: 69
I love you, it's not my fault that my heart longs for you. Can you hear it beating? It beats for you. It wants to tell you: I LOVE YOU!
Rating: 68
Let the thoughts be
You think I don't love you
although my love speaks from the heart!
How do you come up with it, tell me that
or was it just kidding?

You know you love yourself very much
I don't love anyone else anymore
I only want to give you my love
I only want to live with you!

So let the weird thoughts be
you know it, i love you alone,
only you are the great love of me,
my heart is always crying out for you!
Rating: 68
Through your love power
Through your great love power,
have you made it now
you entered my heart
where there is space for you!

Through your love and closeness
I look happily into the future
because you are now everything for me
You my darling, i love you!
Rating: 68
With you
I can feel the love with you
I like to let myself be seduced by you,
because with you my life is only that
what I really enjoy!

With you I can let myself go
I can't resist your love
it is you who make me happy
every day, but especially at night!

I just feel good with you
every day I find new courage to live
your love is good for me
I want to give my heart to you!
Rating: 68
Someone like You
Someone like you who loves me
who gives me security
who takes me as I am
that gives my life meaning
someone like that gets my heart from me
take care, it's yours now!
Rating: 68
Love drives me crazy
Love still drives me crazy
at first I was so delighted with you,
was madly in love with you,
you should be the one who gets my heart!

This has now changed in rapid succession,
you are not the one i like anymore
I'm no longer in love with you
the place in my heart is empty again!
Rating: 67
When we two see each other
Whenever we two see each other
my heart starts to spin
deep inside me is still the pain,
since you've left my heart!

I can't anymore, I have to get away from here
to another, far away place,
I never want to see you again
my heart shouldn't go crazy anymore!
Rating: 67
Days and nights
I thought of you all night
but unfortunately it didn't work
you are not there, not with me,
I still long for you!

All day long I think of you too
but you keep letting me down
don't come to me, my heart is alone,
how much it would like to be with you now!

Days and the next it is already like this
when will I finally be happy again
when are you finally here again
my heart wants you with me!
Rating: 67