Survival patients with a ventilator

Nobody can yet see what the optimal ventilation would be for the individual patient

In a press release from Technical University of Munich dated April 23, 2020, it was also pointed out that artificial ventilation can save lives, but that pressure ventilation is also an enormous burden on the lung tissue, which can have fatal consequences, especially if the lungs are damaged.

According to Wolfgang Wall, Professor of Numerical Mechanics at the Technical University of Munich, the main problem is that there is no measurement method that can be used to determine what happens in the lungs and their finest branches during ventilation. But that is exactly what would be necessary in order to set the optimal ventilation for the individual patient.

After many years of research, Dr. Wall is now developing a digital lung model that can be used to show the treating person which ventilator settings are required for each patient and which would be harmful to them. Professor Wall hopes that a digital lung model at every ventilation station will soon be able to increase the patient's chances of survival (10-12).

In any case, the new strategy currently seems to be to postpone connection to ventilators for as long as possible. But what if artificial ventilation becomes unavoidable?

Every patient needs individually tailored ventilation therapy!

An important publication by the University of Göttingen (4) confirmed that it is anything but sensible to give every Covid-19 patient the same ventilation therapy, since an individual approach is required here. What helps one patient could be fatal or insufficient for the other, according to the researchers - something that has apparently not been taken into account so far.

Even without a digital lung model, the emergency and intensive care physicians at the University of Göttingen have developed a concept that allows for individually suitable ventilation based on various lung parameters and the patient's individual symptoms.

If you come to the clinic yourself or a relative with the corresponding symptoms, you can only hope that the doctors working there know about the Göttingen publication and use the content and also think of blood thinners.

You should also take the usual precautionary measures as a preventive measure. Boost your immune system, think about vitamin C and vitamin D, and live as healthily as possible. You can find information on this in the links provided and also e.g. B. here: Home remedies with anti-virus effects

UV lamps instead of ventilators?

According to (13), lung specialist Roger Seheult explained that "instead of more breathing apparatus, sufficient UV lamps with a wavelength of 220 nanometers should have been produced in good time." According to a study from December 2018 (14), these destroyed viruses and bacteria, but were not dangerous to humans (if used properly). Especially in public spaces such as hospitals, airports, airplanes, schools and restaurants, these devices are a safe means of preventing the spread of these pathogens.

However, there have already been reports from people who complained about eye damage due to UV devices because they had not used the devices properly. So you should z. B. Use UV devices in rooms BEFORE people enter the room. The devices disinfect the room, are then switched off and only now can the room be used again.

Corrections / additions / updates

April 18, 2020: We have inserted source (9), the observations of the Innsbruck senior physician Frank Hartig.

April 25, 2020: We have added the information from the Technical University of Munich (10 - 12).

7.6.2020: We have added the information on UV lamps (13, 14) and blood thinners.


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