Who moderates moderators


The moderator team introduces itself

Pinar Atalay

Pinar Atalay has moderated the "Plusminus "issues of the NDR in the first. She has been part of the core team of presenters from NDR aktuell on NDR television since 2009. Since 2014, Pinar Atalay has also been working as a moderator for the daily topics in the first. Pinar Atalay: "I am delighted to be able to support the 'Plusminus' team in the first. The show has a long tradition, breaks down highly complex economic topics in a consumer-oriented manner. As a moderator, I want to help consumers to form an independent picture."

Gunnar Breske

Gunnar Breske was born in Jena in 1979. He studied political science and economic history. His path to the Mitteldeutscher Rundfunk in Leipzig led him through the "Tagesschau" editorial team at Westdeutscher Rundfunk. After a traineeship, he worked there as an editor and live reporter for the formats "Tageschau" and "Tagesthemen". In 2012 he moved to the "ARD aktuell" editorial team for MDR in Hamburg. Since 2013, Gunnar Breske has presented the daily main news program "MDR Aktuell" on MDR television as well as special programs on MDR and ARD. Since April 2020, Gunnar Breske has moderated the ARD business magazine "Plusminus" in the first for the MDR.

Simon Pützstück

Simon Pützstück, born in 1983, studied political science, media studies and American studies in Bonn and Boston. Before his WDR program traineeship he worked as a freelance writer for the background magazine "sport inside" (WDR). He has been an editor in the WDR's Economics & Law program group since 2012, where he primarily oversees longer consumer programs. Simon Pützstück occasionally stands in front of the camera for the magazine "Markt" and for the sports news. Since May 2017 he has moderated the WDR- Issues of "plus minus".

Sandra Riess

Sandra Rieß has moderated the news formats "Rundschau" and "Rundschau-Magazin" on BR television since 2019. Born in Nuremberg, she came to BR in 2010 as a presenter for the youth format on3-südwild. In 2011 and 2012 she presented the BR cult show Starkbieranstich on the Nockerberg with a lot of political celebrities. She was also in front of the camera for the 40th anniversary program "Olympia München 72".

At ZDF, Sandra Riess moderated the interactive politics talk "ZDFlogin" on ZDFinfo, had the section "Sandra clicks through" in the ZDF morning magazine and led to the 2017 federal election through the format "Choose me!". Sandra Rieß studied theater and media studies at the University of Bayreuth.

Alev Seker

Alev Seker studied culture and media education in Ludwigsburg and Bangkok. She then worked as a reporter in the Heilbronn studio and then as a multimedia reporter in the Tübingen studio. After her journalistic traineeship at SWR, she worked as head of service at DASDING on the radio and at DASDING on site in Baden-Baden.

Since 2018 she has worked as a reporter and editor in the main service department. Last year she moderated the "SWR Zeitreise - Nachrichten von Then" once a month. In addition, she and her other colleagues present the television news "SWR Aktuell Baden Württemberg" at 4, 5 and 6 p.m. on a weekly basis. Seker comes from Heilbronn and has been moderating "Plusminus" since January 2020.

Markus Gürne

Markus Gürne was born in Stuttgart in 1970. After graduating from high school, he studied law, political science and general rhetoric in Tübingen.

First journalistic steps during school in the sports department at the then SDR, to study change to the current editorial office of the SWF state studio in Tübingen.

After the traineeship 1998 ARD correspondent Baden-Württemberg, 2002 structure of stock exchange reporting at SWR from the Stuttgart financial center, 2003/04 ARD special correspondent in Iraq during the Gulf War, 2005-2008 head of the Tagesschau editorial team at Hessischer Rundfunk, then follows the call into the distance as ARD foreign correspondent for South Asia.

2012 not only return to Frankfurt, but also finally back to financial market and economic reporting - this time as head of the ARD stock exchange editorial office and moderator of the program "boerse vor Acht". Since January 9, 2013 moderator of Mr- Issues of "plus minus".

Karin Butenschön

... wanted to become a journalist as a child. After graduating from high school in Saarland, she studied business administration in Munich. During her studies she worked as a freelancer for the "Süddeutsche Zeitung", after which she completed a traineeship at the "Augsburger Allgemeine". There she then worked for two years in the business editorial department before she returned home and switched to the Saarland broadcasting company.

Afterwards she was abroad with her family for several years. in France, Spain and the USA. In 1995 she returned to Germany - to Saarland radio with a focus on business editing. In addition to "Plusminus", she moderates various other programs of the SR.

Since 2004 she has been deputy program group leader for economics, social affairs and the environment.