Why is customer service important

5 success factors: what separates good from bad customer service

Good customer service is more important than ever! Products and services are increasingly interchangeable and the customer has full transparency through the Internet. If the customer is interested in an offer, ultimately the support often decides on success or failure. How do you stand out positively with your customer service and turn prospects into enthusiastic customers? Read our tips here!

From successful entrepreneurs to neuroscientists, everyone agrees: people don't just act on arguments, benefits and advantages. On the contrary, our purchase decision largely depends on Emotions, stories and the opinion of others from. Present your company in a tangible, trustworthy and lively way. Turn customers into loyal fans!

The easy and personal contact with (potential) customers is crucial. It is a reason before and a confirmation after the purchase - and brings you many other advantages.

Advantages of good customer service:

  • Relevant argument and confirmation for a purchase decision
  • Contributes to the positive image of your company
  • Increases the satisfaction of your customers
  • Customers are happy to recommend you to others - there is no better advertising
  • Increases customer loyalty and acquisition
  • Happy customers are authentic ambassadors for your company
  • Has a positive effect on your reach
  • Makes your offers unique
  • Is an optimal feedback channel
  • Customer feedback is an opportunity for improvement

But how do good and bad customer service differ?

In this blog article we have summarized the 11 worst no-gos in customer service for you. Here we would like you five simple success factors for good customer service Introduce and show how you can best organize the contact both for customers and for your company.

5 simple success factors for good customer service

1. Be available!

Have you ever had to search for the contact details of a company for far too long or even in vain? How did you feel about it and did you become a loyal customer of this company? Certainly not. So do it differently - better: Show it simple and direct all communication options.

Even this little fact shows that you open and helpful and would like to get in touch with interested parties and customers.

Tip: State specific times when you can be reached. You can also enable your customers to always leave a message - by e-mail, messenger or on an answering machine. With conversion services, you can have these inquiries sent to you quickly via SMS or e-mail.


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2. Choose the right channels!

There are a variety of classic and modern options for customer service, for example telephone, e-mail, social media, chat, instant messenger or personal contact on site or with customers. When choosing communication channels, you should pay particular attention to two factors: What is the use of your target group? What do you feel most comfortable with?

Put on the customer glasses and give your customers several options to reach you so that they can decide freely and at their own discretion.

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Tip: Choose your communication channels with consideration for your customers, but also for your internal possibilities. Avoid channels that you cannot use properly or build up appropriate skills. Attempting to contact us without adequate feedback will have a negative impact on your reputation! So less is more.

3. Respond individually to each customer!

Every customer is different.
Take your time and address the problems, needs and wishes individually. Do not provide standard answers and solutions.

Rather, give your customer the feeling of not being one of many or "someone". Make it clear that he is an individual and that you are giving him special attention. You can of course have pre-formulated texts and documents ready. However, adapt this to the respective request.

Tip: Are you running out of time or does the solution require more effort? In our fast-paced society, we often unconsciously assume high speed. Many customers get impatient if they don't get a response within hours or even minutes. So please provide brief feedback that you have received the request and are working on it.


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4. Be human!

As already mentioned at the beginning, our decisions depend heavily on emotions. People inspire and influence other people! Make use of this knowledge by giving your company a face and a sympathetic, personal nature put.

From photos and individual solutions to small gestures and gifts: there are numerous possibilities for creativity. Words like “please”, “thank you” and “sorry” as well as small talk can make a big difference here. Build one relationship to your customers and thereby bind them to your company!

Tip: Speak the language of your customers! Talk to your customers in an understandable and natural way instead of just throwing around technical vocabulary. If your own “glasses” are too strong, let people from outside the industry give you feedback on your content and choice of words. Your company and the offers become closer and more memorable, customers can identify with you even more.


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5. Don't see customer service as a chore!

Let's be honest: the goal of every company is to earn money and secure the livelihoods of those involved. But there is a lot more to your vision, isn't it? You certainly want to help people and improve their lives with your products and services.

Don't see customer service as a duty, but rather as excellent way to get in touch with your target audience.

Tip: Ask for feedback! With the opinion, criticism and suggestions of your customers you can continuously improve your company and the offer. This binds existing customers and attracts new customers.


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Conclusion: See your customer service as a competitive factor!

“The customer is king.” - a well-known saying that still applies. Good customer service is very important, especially in times when consumers can quickly pass on their opinions via social networks, forums, rating platforms and blogs.

Give your business a personal nature and individual solutions Attractiveness and uniqueness. And: Don't overwhelm yourself - always use it when choosing your service channels quality not quantity. Your customers will be thankful!

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