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New governance and collaborative possibilities of the IBM BPM v8

At this year's WTC in Berlin, I took some interesting BPM topics with me. Innovations in BPM focused on the collaborative properties and the strengthening of governance. Some customers, with whom I had the opportunity to speak at the WTC, saw great advantages in these innovations for practical use in the company.
Reinforcement of the collaborative possibilities

After the successful approach of Blueworks Live, with which several employees can work on one process model, this property has now also been adopted in the new version v8 for the Process Designer and Process Center. Since all changes are made visible live, several users can work on one process at the same time. In this way, various requirements of the departments and the IT department can be covered.

Improved governance

For the new version V8 of the Process Center, some new possibilities for better governance were presented in a session at the WTC. The versioning option is very interesting. This means that versions of the current process can be saved using so-called snapshots and the previous version can be called up by simply selecting the snapshot. This means that different versions of a process can also be used together with different toolkits without the effort of creating a new process.
These snapshots can then be deployed via the process server.
This allows the processes to be better managed and accessed and changed more easily.
It is now advisable to introduce an upstream governance process before a process goes live. This controls every process before it can be deployed directly in the process server. This enables an additional control function.


The innovations in BPM v8 are a sensible extension of process management and creation in relation to governance and collaboration. Some customers were very impressed with the new features, which can make process development easier and faster.