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Withdrawing money without a card - how does it work?

The credit card is widely accepted in Germany and worldwide thanks to low fees for retailers. It is used to pay in stores (with signature, PIN or contactless) or online (all you need is the credit card number, the name of the cardholder, the expiry date and the security code) as well as for withdrawing money. If a wallet is lost or stolen, it always means a lot of trouble, running around and costs, for example for a new ID card. You should block the card - whether prepaid, partner or normal credit card - for the bank account as soon as you notice the loss in order to prevent misuse. If you meet all the requirements, you can contact your bank order new credit cards, but it may take a few days or weeks for them to reach you and you cannot do as before Withdraw any amount of money. How do you get cash now? Or how can you withdraw money if you forget your bank card?

Get money without a card

With a checking account with a Branch bank, Volksbank or Savings bank Cash withdrawals without a card as well as transactions or chargebacks are always possible. However, for your own security or that of your account, you usually have to present an identification document: Identity card or passport. Likewise, a Driving license accepted. Without an ID, you have to contact an advisor at a bank branch who knows you personally and approves a cash withdrawal without a card or other form of identification.

The account-independent GeldKarte is a special case: Since no account is assigned to it and no proof of identity is required to pay, the money previously loaded will also expire if it is lost.

Withdraw money as a customer of direct or online banks

In the vast majority of the business model Direct or online banks branches do not appear. That is why these credit institutions can better conditions how extensive Insurance coverage (for example rental car insurance) as banks with a branch network. For example, a business account with Qonto includes premium insurance and, depending on the subscription chosen, one to five debit master cards. Co-branding credit cards also often attract people with attractive offers. In order to benefit from the various interesting conditions of online and neo-banks, some customers even decide to buy several payment cards at the same time.

You can withdraw your money from direct or online banks usually at any ATM from. Without your card, however, you will not get any further, for example if you are a customer of Consorsbank, ING-DiBa or netbank. Only a few direct banks now have the option of using your credit card without a bank card Money at the counter with an identification document take off:

  • with an account at the comdirect Bank AG in the branches of Commerzbank,
  • as a customer of DKB bank at at least 16 locations, especially in eastern Germany or
  • with an account 1822 directly in the branches of Frankfurter Sparkasse, the parent company of this direct bank.

An online bank, however, gives you at least one option to withdraw money without a card in practically every city: With the N26-Bank you can now choose between over 11,000 places to withdraw money or possibly deposit it - with CASH26.

Withdraw money with CASH26

The payment service provider started in 2011 throughout Germany. The service enables Online shopping with offline payment without specifying payment details on the Internet. Buyers receive a payment slip to print out and then pay the bill in the more than 11,000 branches of the partner. In 2020, these included the dm drugstores, Penny supermarkets, the stores of Real or REWE and Rossmann drugstores.

This network throughout Germany also uses the N26 bank For CASH26. Customers can use the N26 app to select the closest store for the service and set the amount they want to withdraw. The app then generates a barcode that is only scanned at the checkout and you receive your money.

As of spring 2020, CASH26 allowed withdrawals without a card from up to 200 euros per withdrawal and up to 900 euros in 24 hours - and always free of charge, only without a PIN with the smartphone. But other credit institutions have also come up with practical solutions just in case.

One bank - two ways to get cash without a bank card

The Targobank is like N26 a partner of the network. The take off works the same way with smartphone and the Targobank application from. In addition, the Targobank gives you the service Cash without a cardCash in all branches or advice centers.

A special code is required to take off. You can generate this directly on your mobile phone or online in home banking. Alternatively, you can call the bank's call center or go to the counter in a branch. Then you have to use the Cash without a card-Select the service function, enter the code you received and you can withdraw your money.


Finally you come to around 900 Volks- and Raiffeisenbanks With around 10,000 branches including machines, you can easily access money without a bank card: with VR-mobileCash.

  • To do this, you first need the Banking app of the Volks- and Raiffeisenbanken and a prior activation of the VR-mobileCash function in online banking.
  • Select the point in the mobile phone application Mobile payoutand further the payout account and the amountthat you are about to take off. Even a denomination as desired is possible here. Do not close the application afterwards. You will need it again in a moment.
  • Then activate the option at one of the Volks- and Raiffeisenbank ATMs Mobile payout. The machine will then show you one Transaction number as well as one QR code at. Simply scan the code with your smartphone or enter the transaction number in the banking app that is still open.
  • Now you will be required to enter a mPIN or mobile PIN asked. You received this after you applied for activation. If the mPIN entry is correct, you can then use the notes of your choice to get your money from the output slot.

Withdraw money without a card abroad

When you are abroad, it can of course also happen to you that you end up without cards or money. Unfortunately, in most countries nothing works in bank branches or at ATMs. At least have yours ID card or passport Still, there is at least the option of staying at home Send money via Western Union allow.

Some online or neo banks have also taken precautions in this case. With a Business Mastercard like that Qonto Credit cards give you a fast, unbureaucratic cash service worldwide in an emergency.

In the United States there is another alternative. But there is a Account with one of the US banks required, which you can use at ATMs only Withdraw money with a smartphone to let. You will receive a virtual bank cardthat you deposit in the wallet of your mobile phone. To Cash withdrawal your checking account will then contactless via NFC technology burdened. Just as conveniently and securely as with this withdrawal, you can also pay in shops with services such as Apple Pay or Google Pay and others only with a mobile phone or smartwatch.

Safe, convenient, mobile: manage your business finances with the Qonto app

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