Why do we need educated politicians

Germany needs educated and committed politicians willing to work - a comment

Dear readers,

In Germany I ask myself the current politicians:
What do they do when they are no longer re-elected?
Normally you would say now: Then they'll just go back to their old job. But then you look at their curriculum vitae and see “yikes, they haven't learned anything right” or they are properly trained, but have zero practical experience. Try to find a job as a 50-year-old on the job market without any practical work experience. Nobody will hire you there!

Well, then you could ask where the problem is? Let us first imagine a well-trained skilled worker. If he loses his job, e.g. because the company goes bankrupt, this skilled worker just goes to the next company. Of course, he often has to drive on or receives less money. But he'll find something, after all, he's qualified and committed.

So now let's look at a politician in return who has only known politics for 12 or 16 years and nothing else. Yes, who wants to hire him? And then he wants to earn twice as much as the boss. No, no, that's nothing.

Now you have to imagine how afraid the skilled worker is of losing a job. He is practically not afraid, he has often changed employers on his own initiative, if things go the other way, then that's the way it is.

Yes, but the politician. The politician is now terrified of not being re-elected because his very existence will then be ruined. And what do people who are afraid do. Correct: They cheat and lie as much as they can, so that nobody notices the crap they have been pouring out for years. Alternatively, do nothing at all so that you cannot be blamed for a mistake. So you see, a politician who cannot get back into a decent job will only harm this country! Standstill or catastrophic errors (Berlin Airport, to name just one) are the result!

You can now ask yourself what qualifications the current politicians in the European Parliament or in Bochum have. Are these professional politicians (Martin Schulz from the SPD for Europe or Manfred Busch from the Greens for Bochum)? Are they well trained and have practical experience outside of politics?

My thesis is that the more politicians become professional politicians and the more stupid they are, the greater the risk that they either do nothing to avoid making mistakes or that they lie and cheat (e.g. do stupid financial deals because you thought that you understood the business [psst .... a surefire thing ;-)] or defame and slander other parties) in order to stay in power.

I therefore advocate the well-trained politician who already has practical experience and who therefore has no problems if he is not re-elected, as he can return to his job at any time.

I would like to have intelligent politicians here in Germany, regardless of whether they come from Saxony or Bavaria, regardless of whether they are white or black or gay or lesbian, the main thing is that they speak the language of the citizens and work for us citizens.

how do you see it?

Your Stefanie Schemel

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