What do Malaysians think of Adenan Satem

Prime Minister calls wood industry "corrupt"


The new head of government of the Malaysian state of Sarawak, Adenan Satem, publicly accused the wood industry tycoons of using corrupt methods. He will “teach dishonest people to fear God”. Officials who do not enforce the law are "stupid, cowardly or corrupt".

This is the first time that a Prime Minister in Malaysia is taking on the powerful industry that forms the backbone of Sarawak's economy. Adenan Satem directly attacked the companies KTS, Rimbunan Hijau, Samling, Shin Yang, Ta Ann and WTK.

Adenan Satem also warned state officials that he would not tolerate officials “with blind eyes, deaf ears and mute mouths”.

Adenan Satem, of course, avoided mentioning the name of his predecessor and current governor, Taib Mahmud. During his 33 year reign he made Sarawak a corrupt state and raised his family to a billion dollar fortune.

“Today is a day to celebrate for Sarawak and Malaysia,” says Lukas Straumann from the Bruno Manser Fund. For many years he has been uncovering the machinations of the timber mafia and political entanglements and has written the book "Raubzug auf den Regenwald" (Raubzug auf den Regenwald) about it. (Available in our shop.) "These are the clearest words we have ever heard from a leading government politician to fight corruption as the root of forest destruction and underdevelopment," says Straumann.

Adenan Satem took over the office of Prime Minister of Sarawak in March 2014. He has announced that he will take a pledge of integrity. He will not provide any of his family members with government posts or contracts. He would also demand such an obligation from his cabinet.