How often do you think of money

How do you feel about money

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Have you already said to yourself sentences like “I have more than enough money.” “I am a money magnet.” “I attract the money in abundance!” ???

You said the sentences over and over again. If necessary, you would even have danced it and wrote it down 200 times. And what happened?


Welcome to the club! That's what happened to me too. When I said the sentences to myself, I felt at the same time: Something was wrong ... they did not come out of my lips honestly and convincingly.

Affirmations can work ... But only if you can BELIEVE!

That's exactly where it got stuck with me! I didn't trust these words. They didn't fit into my picture of money. And that's why they didn't work ...

Do you even know your image of money?

Do you know how you feel about money?

And what is REALLY going on inside you?


Your “money picture” influences all of your decisions

.... and most importantly your account balance.


Does the money come in and is it out again at double the speed?

Does the flow of money stagnate and is it always tight?

Are you wondering where the money always goes so quickly?

Are you constantly scared and worried about money?

Can you treat yourself to something with a guilty conscience?

Suddenly it comes over you and you make a huge frustration buy: clothes that you don't like so much and you are ashamed: How could I lose control like that?


It is time to look behind the facade and not to fill everything with dirty words.

The rust keeps coming through. You've been dragging the twisted beliefs about money around with you for far too long. They come from a time when you couldn't really understand what money was. Not anymore!

With my free hypnosis audio, you can easily and peasy track down these thoughts and all your money blocks.

Tatada ... danger recognized - danger averted!

Now that you know it, you can change it too! Now you have the power!

Get the free hypnosis session now and finally free yourself from the old beliefs that still block you today.



As a bonus you will also get my workbook, which will help you to reformulate your very own, individual beliefs about money ... .. and then to write new affirmations for YOU that actually work and feel true for you.

(Don't worry, you don't have to dance them either 😉)