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"We have the sea to offer."

Federal Police Lake

In the entire German territorial sea, federal police officers protect the approximately 888 kilometers long sea borders of the Federal Republic of Germany, which are also the external borders of the Schengen area. The members of the Federal Lake Police take on the tasks of the shipping police, punish environmental offenders, prevent environmental pollution and monitor fishing and research missions.

The Federal Police has been part of the “Federal Coast Guard” since 1994, which also includes customs, the water and shipping administration and fisheries protection. Outside the German territorial sea, the Federal Police is responsible for general police tasks to which the German state is authorized under international law. If, for example, a criminal offense is committed on a ship flying the German flag outside of German territorial waters, the Federal Police will investigate.

Federal Police Lake - the right task for you when water is your element

"We ensure order on the water even when the sea is stormy!"

Tobias (32), technician at the Federal Police See, in the Baltic Sea area

What is your job with the Federal Police?

“We at the Federal Police Sea ensure - to put it very roughly - that the rules are also observed at sea. We monitor the lake area as well as the approximately 888 kilometers long maritime border and are of course also on hand in the event of a sea emergency. We control ships and ports, but we also perform environmental protection tasks, for example. To do this, we spend most of the time on board our rescue vessels and are usually on patrol with 14 law enforcement officers for five to six days. In addition to the classic maritime police duties, every federal police officer on board also has a role as a seaman. I am responsible for the technology, take on technical sea guards and carry out maintenance work. "

Why did you come to the Federal Police and specifically to the Federal Police Sea department?

“When I came to the Federal Police, the possibility of being deployed in the maritime area was not entirely clear to me. That only developed during my basic training, as I am also a fan of water sports in my private life. Plus, I've always been interested in technology. I then completed a year and a half maritime and technical basic training at the maritime education and training center in Neustadt in Schleswig-Holstein. There I learned the necessary skills to go to sea with the Federal Police. Of course, you also learn a lot on the job, especially at the beginning. "

What does the typical working day of a police officer at sea look like?

“That depends on what so-called sea watch you have. 14 police officers work with me on board who are deployed in a three-shift system. This means that the first watch is on duty from midnight to 4 a.m., the second watch from 4 to 8 a.m. and the third from 8 a.m. to 12 noon. Another group is on standby and the third has rest time. However, if an emergency is triggered, you have to be up and running within minutes. In addition to the various police, nautical or technical tasks on board, you also have free time, for example, in which you can do sports on board. Everyone eats together with all colleagues, one of the colleagues takes on the role of cook on board. Overall, there is a very friendly and familiar atmosphere. "

What would you recommend to someone who is interested in serving in the Federal Police and what should they bring with them - especially in your use?

“In general, with the Federal Police, we are not looking for lone fighters, but team players. This is especially true at sea, of course. Nobody could steer or provide technical support to our ships on their own, and especially in an emergency, we are dependent on each individual colleague. Of course, a certain technical affinity helps a lot. And finally, most of us bring a slope to the sea with us or develop it very quickly here. This is one of the reasons why hardly a colleague changes areas once they have been deployed to the Federal Police See. "

Patrol duty with a sea view

Your aim

  • Making German maritime borders and marine areas safer

Your strengths

  • Seaworthiness
  • Head for heights
  • Resilience
  • team spirit

Your workplace

  • On board an emergency ship

Your area of ​​application

  • Around 80,000 square kilometers of sea and coastal areas with more than 400 ports

Your tasks

  • border controls
  • protect the environment
  • Monitor maritime traffic
  • Help people in need
  • Investigate accidents and deaths on German ships
  • Advising shipowners on how to prevent piracy

Your way

  • Completed career training in middle or high service
  • 12-month advanced training in the maritime education and training center in Neustadt, Holstein

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When using the services of the following providers, usage data may be recorded and stored in server logs. The Federal Police has no influence on the type and scope of the data transmitted or stored.