How did your incest relationship start?

Dark family secrets: 6 women unpack

Some keep their family secret for life. Behind this is the fear that bonds will break irretrievably. And often also great shame. In many cases, the point has simply been missed where you think you could still have been honest. Such secrets hang over happiness like the swords of Damocles, and an open word would often be the best. But then there are the others. Those who are better off keeping secrets. Because an outing would serve more to calm your conscience - like in an insignificant affair. Or their explosive power is too destructive. Then you have to learn to live with the secret - forever.

Christiane (35): "I love my brother, but in the forbidden way"

“It started when we were still teenagers. My brother is three years older than me. I asked him to show me how to kiss properly when I was twelve. Well - he did that and a little more. It has been like that ever since. I think my parents knew. He's married now, I'm not in a relationship. Only him. That's enough for me. I know it's incest and it is despicable, but I can't help it, and neither can he. I love him, he is so infinitely familiar to me, so close. We meet a couple of times a month, nobody knows what, brother and sister get along well. I don't want children - so there are no consequences. "

Maren (49): "Only my father and I know about my half-sister"

“He often took me out so that he would have an alibi when he met his lover. She had a daughter with him, I was 13, Silke was five. He made me the most solemn promise not to tell anyone about it. I loved having a secret with Dad, and I've kept my promise to this day. My parents' marriage fell apart, and so did his relationship. I have no idea where my half-sister is today. "

Franziska (24): "Grandma is a heavy alcoholic"

“I've known this for seven years. Grandpa died ten years ago, Grandma couldn't cope with that. My mother told me because I asked. My family cut off contact. I'm considering visiting her. "

Susanne (42): "My husband is not the father of our middle son - this is a colleague"

“It happened at a Christmas party. I drank way too much and then slept on my desk with my favorite colleague Sebastian. A unique thing for both of us, that was very clear. I had been married to Klaus for five years and we wanted a second child. When I got pregnant, we were both really happy. Tim was born and we were a happy little family. But the older Tim gets, the more you can see the resemblance to Sebastian. I'll never tell Klaus that, he couldn't take it. It doesn't matter either. Tim is our son, that's it. Sebastian doesn't know anything either. "

Stefanie (49): "Justin thinks papa is dead. But he just ran away"

“I often wonder if I did it right. Tom broke up with me when Justin was one year old. Tom hardly wanted anything to do with him. I then told him to just disappear completely. He did too. I later told Justin that Tom had a fatal accident. I thought: Better not have a father at all than someone who is not interested. "

Andrea (54): "Our daughter is adopted, but doesn't know"

“We took Valerie out of a Russian home 20 years ago, she was four months old. Her mother a prostitute, father unknown. We are her parents to Valerie. What would we all get if she knew where she really came from? She cannot contact her parents, there is no address and no name. One would plunge her into deepest uncertainty if one told her the truth now. "

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