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What happened today - October 12, 1935 The tenor Luciano Pavarotti is born

October 12th, 2020 by Annika Tüsselel

Modena, October 12, 1935. Luciano Pavarotti sees the light of day. As an insurance agent, the baker's son finances his singing studies. Luciano Pavarotti's records could only be topped by one person: Pavarotti himself. The tenor fills football stadiums and manages to achieve the greatest classical career with the smallest repertoire.

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The contribution to listening

115 curtains and 67 minutes of uninterrupted applause after an opera performance. 250,000 visitors to the concert in London's Hyde Park, 500,000 visitors to the concert in New York's Central Park. One billion television viewers worldwide at the concert for the 1990 soccer World Cup in the Roman Baths of Caracalla. Only he could top his records. Luciano Pavarotti - everyone knows the name and the voice too. Bright, luminous, imposing steadfastness paired with endless suppleness. Touching. Dearly.

World career with a manageable repertoire

18 opera roles are enough for Pavarotti, who only sings in Italian, to be at the forefront of the classical world. He exploits the hits from these operas in order to reach many more people alone or in a trio with Carreras and Domingo. The hardliners of serious music accuse him of popularization. That he was only interested in his image and money (from which he truly earned a lot), as well. That he couldn't sing a lot of really big tenor roles, as well.

Luciano Pavarotti has made his way on the stages of La Scala and the MET and in the sports stadiums of Paris, Los Angeles and Turin. He became rich and famous in the process. And satisfied. Years after his death everyone still knows his voice.

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Luciano Pavarotti sings "Nessun dorma" from Turandot (The Three Tenors in Concert 1994)


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